Children are an important responsibility and part of the body of Christ. They are assurance to all congregations that nurture them that there will be a healthy and growing church for tomorrow.

Children’s Worship

Teaching Children to Love God in a Celebration Service especially for them.

New location: MS-200 (New Middle School Building 2nd floor)

Frequently asked questions:

How old should my child be to attend?
Between the ages of 4 years and 2nd grade

Where is Children’s Worship?
In the Middle School Building (MS) on the 2nd floor

How can my child participate?
Children’s Worship is during the 10:15 service time. Simply walk your child to MS-200 before the service. Children who attend a Small Group will be escorted to Children’s Worship by their teacher. A greeter will be at the door to help welcome your child and find a place for them to sit. For children who are visiting or participating for the first time, a parent/guardian will need to complete an information card in the Children’s Worship room.

How do I pick up my child?
Please come to MS-200 to pick up your child at the close of the Worship Service. For the safety and security of your child we will not allow anyone under the age of 18 to pick up a child from Children’s Worship.

How will I be contacted if my child needs me?
All parents/guardians are asked to fill out an information card, in order for the teachers to know the general location of the parent/guardian during the morning service. We also have a pager system that you are welcome to use. Simply pick up a pager from the nursery suite (located across from the library) and tell the Children’s Worship greeter your pager number.

How can I be involved in my child’s worship experience?
A ‘Table Talker’ will be sent home with your child each Sunday, in order to assist you in developing solid Biblical discussions at home. It is designed in a format that can be placed on your kitchen table and used at meal times. We also love parents and grandparents to volunteer in Children’s Worship! Please see one of the leaders for more information.

Who leads Children’s Worship?
Children’s Worship is led by our Children’s Ministry Staff: Laura Highlander and Kerri Henegar, along with an amazing team of faithful volunteers.

How can I contact the Children’s Ministry Staff?
By Email: Laura Highlander or Kerri Henegar
By Phone: 423-344-8327
In the Office Hours Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm

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    Sunday Schedule:
    8:00 AM Celebration Service
    9:05 AM Small Groups
    10:15 AM Celebration Service
    6:00 PM Worship Service

    6:00 PM Service & Activities

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