The Counseling Ministry’s Scope of Helping:

The counseling Ministry seeks to address issues through a Christ centered perspective.  The model is based in the practical application of Biblical truth used to guide individuals into authentic Christian living and emphasize a desperate   dependency on Jesus for wellness.  Bayside counselors do not profess or adhere to secular perspectives, and use Biblical principles to help heal and liberate from emotional bondage.


Counseling is available to members and non members by appointment through the church office 344-8327.



Informed Consent

John 8:30-32; II Peter 1:2-4

Counseling Philosophy


The Bayside counseling ministry seeks to address issues through a Christ centered perspective.  The model is based in the practical application of Biblical truth used to expose sin, call the wayward to repentance, guide individuals into authentic Christian living, and emphasizes a desperate dependency on Jesus Christ.


The ministry model is founded upon the reality that the truth of Jesus Christ will make you free (John 8:30-32).  This freedom is acquired as one experiences Jesus as relevant to their needs (II Peter 1:2-4).




Confidentiality is an essential part of the counseling process.  Ordinarily, information about a counselee will not be given to anyone without his/her written consent.  However, there are specific exceptions to this:

  1. When, in the pastoral counselor’s judgment, a counselee appears to be a danger to himself/herself or others,
  2. When a minor, handicapped, or elderly person is endangered by abuse or neglect,
  3. When information is subpoenaed by a court of law,
  4. When the pastoral counselor consults with other Bayside pastors about the counselee in order to provide optimal care.




Appointments will last 45-60 minutes.  Cancellation of an appointment must be done 24 hours in advance, with exceptions made for emergencies.  There is no charge for appointments canceled 24 hours in advance; otherwise, late cancellation or failure to keep a scheduled appointment is charged at the regular rate.  Our answering machine is available after hours.  Please leave date and time of your call.


Financial Responsibilities


A payment of $20.00 for members and $40.00 non members is expected at the conclusion of each session.  This amount is nominal, and is used to support the counseling ministry at Bayside Baptist Church.


Consent for Counseling


You are now committing to a counseling relationship that is most specifically Christ centered (Christian).  Our counselors are individuals proven to have competence to counsel according to our Lord Jesus Christ, are called to a counseling ministry, and are committed to using the principles of the Bible to help, heal, and liberate from emotional bondage.


We do not profess or adhere to any secular perspective, nor do we seek to advise anyone in the ways of these secular practices.  Our counseling is founded upon the beliefs that Jesus Christ is the center of wellness that the Bible is our authority for practice, and that psychology is defined as the applied aspect of theology.


I have read the information above and accept responsibility for entering into a counseling relationship with Bayside Baptist Church.  I understand and agree to adhere to the above stated policies.  I will notify you of any changes in the above information.


I hereby give my consent to enter the counseling process.


Signature                                        Date