Q. How can you help me get my student involved when there are so many students?

A. We will have one of our students call or write your student and invite them to an event.
*We will have one of our students leaders do the same as number 1.
We will share whatever information we can that might help you help your student get involved. For example: your student might say “I don’t know anyone there.” That is a fair statement but chances are high that from the 150 students involved in our group they will know someone. We will give you names, offer options and have someone meet them when they arrive for an event and sit with them.

Q. Does the student ministry need help? How can I get involved?

A. We need helpers.  If you are interested in serving on one of the most exciting ministries in the church give us a call.  We have about 50 men and women volunteers that help us each week and at special events.  You do not have to be perfect, be a great Bible teacher, cool, young or listen to rap music to work with students.

Q. If there is a trip coming up that we would like to participate in but do not have the funds, is it still possible to go?

A. Yes, it is possible.  You will need to complete a scholarship form that is on the bulletin board outside the student ministry offices.

Q. My family is having difficulty. Do you offer counseling for our family?

A. Yes we offer counseling for your family.  You need to call and make an appointment with Kassandra.  If needed, we will refer you to see Kirk Lewis, our full time Christian counselor.

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