The Great Commission

18 And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

Matthew 28:18–20

Community Outreach

72 hour Emergency Bag

Loretta Dickson

  • preparation to help those in a catastrophe

Assisting Local World Changers - WOM & Missions Director

providing meals for the World Changer teams that come to help with building projects in or near the Chattanooga area.

Benevolence Ministry/Food Pantry

Jackie Bush & Bayside staff

To help those in need in our community


LeRoy Holder

A group of men (ages 18+) from Bayside that help complete requested needs or building projects, and help with mission projects, etc.

Collecting shoes & socks for "Shoes for Orphan Souls"

Laura Highlander

Collection boxes are located at the church offices where these items can be donated to the orphans around the world (July & August)

Disaster Relief

Darle Jordan

A work team to help in a time of disaster in the community or abroad.

Easter Egg Hunt

Amy Milliken

The Saturday before Easter, an Easter Egg Hunt and a presentation of the Easter story is provided for community children.

"Getting to Know You" Ministry

George Hubbuch & Johnny Johnson

An outreach to those who have recently moved into our community by personally delivering a care package to them.

Good News Clubs in Schools

Amy Milliken

An opportunity to teach the Bible to elementary age children on a weekly basis in our local schools.

Ice Cream during TCAP’s

Amy Milliken & Bayside staff

To encourage teachers and students, Bayside provides ice cream to wrap up the TCAP week at Harrison Elementary each year.

Juvenile Detention Ministry

Mitch Cleek

A team from Bayside leads a service the 4th Friday of each month.

NAPFE Ministries – Local Senior Adult Center

  • A church bus is driven each week to pick up senior adults for the Bayside morning service – Charles Nix
  • A Small Group is held each Sunday – Charles Nix & Jackie Young
  • Wednesday Bible Study – Janean Heath
  • Holiday Parties – Joyce Nix

Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes

Laura Highlander & Bayside staff

Collecting items and packing shoeboxes for children around the world (Oct. & Nov.).

Operation ReachOut

Sandra Carpenter

The first Tuesday of each month at 10:30am senior adults gather at Bayside to meet for a short devotion. Guest musicians perform and there is a potluck dinner for lunch prior to going out and visiting those Bayside shut-ins.

Prayer Pagers Ministry

Jackie Bush

These pagers are made available to encourage those that are in need of prayer. Someone would simply call the pager number and leave their phone number.  The person with a need will be paged. When the person is paged, they can know someone is praying for them.

Romeo’s – (Retired Old Men Eating Often)

George Hubbuch & Darle Jordan

Breakfast every Monday morning at 8:00am.

SPA (School of Performing Arts)

Jamie Parker

Private music lessons are available for various instruments such as: (piano, guitar, violin, fiddle, flute, trumpet, & voice, etc.)

Summer services at Harrison Bay State Park

Charles Nix & Mitch Cleek

9:30am Sunday mornings (Memorial Day – Labor Day)

Tuesday Night Visitation

Johnny Johnson

This is a visitation program to reach out to those in our community that have visited one of our church services or an event that was hosted by Bayside.

Upward Sports

Terry Knecht & Amy Milliken

UPWARD Basketball & Cheerleading – (November- February)
UPWARD Soccer – (August-October)

A first class children and youth sports experience that emphasizes healthy competition, sportsmanship, skill building and fun, where the greatest achievement is being more like Jesus.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Amy Milliken & Bayside staff

A once a year ministry to the children of our community to hear about the love of Christ ( 3rd week of June) (collect items for shoeboxes)

Wildgame Dinner for men and boys

Jamie Parker & Darle Jordan

Well known speakers with powerful testimonies are brought in to reach out to men and boys on the first Saturday of February each year

WOM (Women on Mission)

Joyce Nix

A missions organization for women (ages 18+) from Bayside that pray for, learn about, give to, do missions, grow spiritually towards a missions heart & support Bayside & our denomination. (ICU meals – quarterly; mission studies – monthly; special projects – as needed)

Continent Outreach

Oaxaca, Mexico - August 1-8, 2015

Focuses – Place shoes and socks on orphans sponsored by Buckner International – “Shoes for Orphan Souls”) – $1,300 (Bayside members)

Qormi, Malta – April 27-May 7, 2015

Focuses – Family Festival, Car Wash, Prayer Walk, Evangelize & Disciple – $1,600 (Bayside members)

Country Outreach

Associational WOM (Nationwide Women on Mission)

Juanita Hall

WOM on a national level

  • West Virginia – prison ministry & birthing center
  • Copper Basin Crisis Center: (Copper Hill, TN) – sorting clothes & Bible Studies

New Mexico – May 30-June 6, 2015

$500 (Bayside members) includes meals, lodging & transportation

  • Meeting Sunday Feb. 8 / choir room

Vermont – July & October 2015

$550 (Bayside members) includes meals, lodging & transportation; exacts dates to be determined

Prayer Letters

10/40 Connections

April 3, 2015

April 1-7
· Border Rescue – Praise God and pray for a Nepali actress who was recently rescued at one of the border stations. Pray for the case against her trafficker, that justice would be done, and also for her continued restoration.
· Kunming Church – This southern city of 7 million has grown massively in the past few years. Near Kunming and within Yunnan province reside more than 200 unreached people groups. Pray for the Chinese mobilization team that is educating the Chinese church about the task nearby them. Pray that every one of the UPG’s in Yunnan would spring up with new churches and believers.
· Lin, her husband and daughter – In China, our scheduled adoption tour guide could not be with us, so we were paired with Lin. Immediately we knew she was a believer, one of the few from her people group. What a blessing she was! Pray for continued zeal to share her faith with people she meets daily.
· Kenyan massacre by Al-Shabaab – Pray that God’s peace would comfort those whose loved ones were killed in the attack at Garissa. Pray for deep remorse and full repentance by the murderers. Pray for a strong Christian response.
· Personal – Praise! We have returned with our daughter from China and Phoebe is bonding very well! Pray for continued adjustment for all of us.

April 8-14
· Voice for the Voiceless – Praise God that the teaching is continuing in rural areas of Nepal with great receptivity. Requests keep coming to us for additional training and more fetal models. Pray for God’s provision. Actually we would love for a large grant to come through for $20,000 which would launch the teaching even further.
· Mr. Ahmed from Turkey – Last month, Mr. Ahmed politely interrupted our breakfast of ham, eggs, and bacon while we were in China. We were able to share the Gospel with him briefly. Pray the seeds will go deep in his heart and pray for others to continue sharing with him.
· Resurrection Outreaches – As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, pray that the scheduled ministry outreaches planned by partners will go smoothly. Pray that Jesus’ resurrection power would bring many other people to life in India, Nepal, China, Cambodia, and Pakistan.
· Powerful Christian Action – The cross of Jesus was not a “reaction” or a “response.” It was not weak or tepid or uncertain. It was his bold, pro-active plan, and with it, Jesus initiated the attack on Satan’s kingdom and grounded his own kingdom. Pray that Christians would also move out in the power of the Holy Spirit and in Christ’s love with practical action that advances God’s kingdom.
· Personal – Please pray for our final decisions about school for Joeli and Eden in the fall.

April 16-21
· Thrilled with Water wells – Two more water wells were installed this month in North India in villages whose people previously had been drinking from an “open water system,” which means whatever fell in would fully contaminate the water in various disgusting ways. Hundreds of villagers (closer to 1,000) are thrilled that they now have clean water. We look forward to installing another 10 wells this year (and we welcome donations for this project! $884 per well.)
· Wan in Pak – Praise God that additional contact has been made with the Wan people who are open for more visitors. Pray for the solid formation of an ongoing, local ministry team who can engage the Wan people regularly.
· Deborah – This Chinese pastor greatly requests and desires to know the Holy Spirit. Pray for God to pour out his presence and blessings upon both her and the church she leads. God has opened doors of relationship with us and Deborah, so also please pray for wisdom to know God’s timing.
· Personal – We are not certain of the date of Phoebe’s first surgery. Please pray we will have wisdom about all procedures and timelines. Pray for lips that speak God’s praises and lips that share Good News!

April 22-30
· Middle Eastern Christians and ISIS – Pray for Christians to stand strong in the midst of active persecution, that they may witness powerfully among their persecutors. The Isl. belief system and the spiritual powers behind it need to be recognized and addressed with strength that drives out fear.
· Arise Home – Praise! Asha (who ran away last month) was found and brought back. Still she is unsettled and has a “double mind” about where she wants to be. The Indian govt placed her in the Arise Home with all the younger children though Asha is 18 years old. Pray for wisdom for our partners M and B.
· 10/40 Teams, Speaking, and Mobilization Strategies – Pray that the summer teams (India, Nepal) would merge together from different locations into a cohesive team. Pray for 10/40’s upcoming speaking engagements (18 April at Cornerstone Ministries), our continued curriculum writing, video production, and social media engagement.
· Personal – Please pray that we (C and L) would figure out how to relax with the items on our plates with family and work.

Coffee Shops and College Students


Pushing back Darkness
These four friends came this month to visit; we were filled with encouragement and God provided many opportunities to share about Him. We met people in coffee shops, on the street, on two college campuses, and at a huge climbing wall. Many heard the Good News! Would you pr@y about going overseas to serve the L0rd and tell others how J’sus has changed your life?

Click here to see more pictures from their visit.


Malta Monday's 2015

goodgiftsfromabove malta-monday16

Malta Mondays 16
April 20, 2015
Happy 70th Birthday to Robin’s dad Tommye yesterday!

Praises and Prayer Requests:
1.) Perhaps you have already seen it on the news in the USA but our hearts are just broken in seeing the pictures and news about so many migrant deaths in the last few days. Malta and Italy are in the headlines as they take the brunt of the numbers of people literally risking their lives in hopes of having a better life in the future. Pray for the lawmakers and the necessary funding and those who are out on the sea risking their lives to save others and pray for the situation in Libya too. http://edition.cnn.com/2015/04/20/africa/italy-migrant-boat-capsizes/index.html

2.) We’ve been getting the word out this week about upcoming activities next week. Pray for the message to get out and for divine appointments with the people who come. Lift up the group from Bayside Baptist Church preparing to travel here next week and also the locals who will be working alongside them. Today Earl and I visited with our green grocer and the two men that sit there talking. We invited them to the L-Ikla Maltija or Maltese Feast so pray that they’ll come. Also we visited and prayed with a man we’ve bought things for our volunteers from for years in the Craft Village. He was also invited. Ask that they will respond positively to the Holy Spirit’s call in their lives. Also a former neighbor came by last night and she has a daughter in America who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Pray for her as she is a single mom with two young teens and facing this without faith in Jesus. Ask that our neighbor will be able to go to her and that they will all turn to the Lord during this hard time and that she will be healed.

3.) Last Saturday there was a Maltese Spiritual Retreat day and Earl said it was really well done and well attended with over 80 people! Praise the Lord! This Friday is the Evangelical Women’s Fellowship that our church is sponsoring and we’ll be meeting in the morning and the evening in an effort to meet all the various schedules of the invited women. Ask that they will take advantage of this and attend! Today we had my Psychology professor over to eat with us before our last class tonight. It’s been a really good class. Now I have two rather large papers, 4 unit exams, and one final exam to study for, prepare, and take by the end of May so pray for me.

Kids Korner: Sunday after church and Maltese lessons we went to the Strawberry Festival in Mgarr. I was running low on fuel but we were already late and it’s not too far so I thought it was ok. However I didn’t count on the insane amount of traffic and start and stop and it started shaking so I had to pull off. Earl came to rescue us in our friend’s car and then we got stuck in traffic for over TWO hours for just a few kilometres! Thankfully we had one of Kathryn’s friend’s with us and she and Nathan and Kathryn kept us entertained. 😀 Kathryn has her Sound of Music drama this week. She’s the Housekeeper. Apparently she’s done a fantastic job in Drama as she has been selected to receive a year’s scholarship to a very nice and well respected Drama/ Music program called Stagecoach. I pray through Stormie Omartian’s books and in Power of a Praying Parent there’s one where we pray for God to grow any talents that our kids have and provide so it seems clear to me that He’s answering prayer here. She’s also receiving the “Diligence” award! Nathan is still doing gymnastics all over the place and riding his bike much more steadily now although his poor legs look terrible with all the bruises from the pedals. Thomas has pajama day tomorrow at school and an outing this week and Nathan gets Friday off school and has an outing tomorrow and World Book day on Thursday so things are in full swing around here.


Nathan & Amber


The tomb is empty!

WE serve a RISEN Savior! Praying you are able to worship and celebrate this joyous day and can share this hope with others.
Beginning Easter, we will have a special prayer emphasis workers in SE Asia. Click here to download the prayer guide.

Thank you for your support through prayer and giving to the CP. Your generosity allows us to see the Kingdom advanced in SE Asia.

“For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive.”
1 Cor 15:22


VT Partnership - February Update

Hello Friends!

As to be expected for February, it has been a VERY snowy month! I’ve attached a pic of regular snow blowing activity, and of our boys who love to cheer me on and provide moral support!

Family Update

Life in the Whittinghill household is as sweet and full of joy as ever. By the grace of God, Kayla and I are enjoying each other and our boys more than ever before. One of our dear friends has provided for Kayla and I to get away for a weekend to NYC later this month in celebration of our 5-year anniversary – we’re so thankful for the generosity of the people of God!

Levi (3.5yrs) is the busiest, sweetest little rascal with a heart that is increasingly tender to the things of God. Elijah (1.5yrs+) is trying to develop some words (praise Jesus) which is going a long way toward his joy, and ours. Kayla is doing her normal beautiful pregnant thing (Pics in link), is thriving as a momma, and is enjoying hosting and leading a ladies group at our home on Wednesday afternoons. We’re both looking forward to baby Isaac’s arrival in May – his constants kicks and movements in the womb indicate we’ve got another busy boy on our hands!

It’s Been a YEAR!

This week marks our one year anniversary of our move to VT! A year of the Lord’s incredible faithfulness and goodness. A year of new relationships, new community, new life, and ongoing joy in this new context for ministry.

The Lord has been gracious in recently reinforcing to us that the measure of success in ministry is faithfulness. We labor with all our might by the strength He supplies, striving to do things as unto His glory, and then we leave the results to Him since Jesus promised He would build His church. The Lord taught us this lesson before we got here, but that’s a bit like reading a parenting book before you have kids. Now, after a year, He’s reteaching us lessons of faithfulness, now with a context to apply them in. He is good!

Ministry Updates / Prayer Requests

We are continuing to disciple people in the truth of God’s Word and are seeing encouraging spiritual growth in many of the new believers. We continue to covet your prayers for new believers and for our lost neighbors, co-workers, and friends. Pray that Christ would be formed in all of us, for us to know and rest in His love, and for us to make Christ known with the love and passion He is due.

Hosting the town-wide prayer night last week was a great privilege – it was encouraging and powerful to gather with other believers from the area to seek the face of our God together (pic attached).

I’m excited to tell you that we’ll be hosting a Good Friday gathering at Brattleboro’s iconic Latchis Theatre in the center of town! We’ll be gathering with other area churches to celebrate Jesus, and we’re seeking to be very intentional with inviting those from the town who might not come to a typical church gathering and other so-called churches in the area that are not preaching the gospel. Please pray that the Church in Brattleboro would be strengthened in their faith and that many in our spheres of influence would receive Christ by repentance and faith!

Last month, we had you pray about the possibility of find an alternative space to meet beyond March. Without seeking them out, we were approached by a church in town about sharing their space with them. We are exploring the possibility and will keep you posted, but please pray for wisdom and for the will of God to be done.

We praise God for each of you and would truly love updates from you on how you’re doing and how we can pray for you. We are so blessed by your prayers and partnership in this ministry!

For the glory of Christ + your joy in Him,

The Whittinghills
Financial Partnership Information:
If God leads you to partner with us financially, please make checks payable to “Rivertown Church”; all donations will be tax deductible. Checks can be mailed to Rivertown Church, PO Box 1325, Brattleboro, VT 05301. To give online or set up automated monthly giving, click here. Thank you for your partnership in the gospel! (Phil. 1:5)

Word of Life

Dear Ministry Parters & Friends,

We are sending a quick update about our ministry here in Brazil. We will give you a brief overview of four areas of our lives. I apologize about the simplicity/txt of this email update but our internet here has been painfully slow and most times not working at all. (see our project #2 listed at the end of email)

All is going very well with the ministry here in Brazil. We were out on the River with a dental team from North Carolina this past month. This trip went very well and allowed us to provide physical care for hundreds of people from dozens of communities where we have ongoing ministry. This brought great credibility to the existing ministries. We are preparing to depart on another trip on March 26th. During this trip we will be connecting with many river communities and river missionaries. We are also having a women’s retreat and expecting close to 200 women from various river communities to attend. During this trip there will also be a conference meeting for the river missionaries and continued planning for a church we are building on the next trip.

As many of you are probably aware from our Facebook (www.facebook.com/butchjarrell) posts and previous email updates, our daughter-in-law (Kayla) is pregnant with our first grand babies . . . YES . . . babies = TRIPLETS. We are so excited to be grandparents and are praying continually and constantly for Kayla and babies during the pregnancy. Pray for healthy mom and healthy babies. Casey and Kayla are excited and preparing for their instant family. Kayla and the babies are doing better than expected and the doctors are very pleased with how well she and the babies are doing. Keep praying for them with us. Their due date is July 3rd but are scheduled for delivery at the end of May so we are planning to come to the USA in May.

We are humbled by this ministry experience God is allowing us to be a part of. Ministering and reaching unreached river communities is a great opportunity for us to be part of fulfilling the great commission. As you can imagine, it is a challenging dynamic being here in Brazil especially away from Casey and Kayla during their pregnancy. Pray for us as we are serving where God has called us. We certainly miss our family. Caitlyn (our youngest daughter) is doing very well at the Word of life Bible institute in upstate NY. God us using this time in her life to help her grow and mature spiritually. Colbie (our middle child/daughter) is doing very well and working. She has been sick lately so remember her in your prayers.

We have two main projects we are working on and in need of assistance with. Please pray and consider how you might help us with these projects.

Project #1 – As mentioned above, we are building a church in one of the river communities on the next trip. Please pray about assisting us with this project. The cost to build this church is around $5000.00.

Project #2 – We currently have very limited Internet access here in Brazil. We have an Iridium GO! unit that allows us to send/receive small emails but is very slow at 2.5Kbs. It only provides access to limited text based emails on/off the river and boat trips. It is necessary for us to go to town to access our regular email and internet resources and many times when going to town the system there are not reliable or working. I made two trips to town this past week and the internet access was down both times. We are looking at a satellite system for here at the base camp property. During this modern technology age we are ministering in, communication/internet access is critical to any organization/ministry. This Satellite system requires us to purchase hardware and pay for installation/service fees. This project cost is $6000.00.
Please pray and consider if you are able to assist us with any part of these projects.

Donation Link:

–Butch & Lesi Jarrell

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