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1040logoFebruary 1-7

Noga – Pray for our friend and translator of the Voice of the Voiceless curriculum into two languages of Bhutan (remote, Himalayan Buddhist kingdom). Hoping to finish by this summer. Pray for him and his family and for an easy translation that can impact possibly 27 new people groups in the nation.

TX Summer and Semester Students – We speak three times this weekend (5-7 Feb) near Dallas, TX at Discovery Weekend, when hundreds of collegiate co-workers will be gather as they prepare to serve in the U.S. and abroad in the coming months. Pray for God to pour out his Word and his Spirit on all of us. Pray for great depth and much lasting fruit for these workers.

Refugees Back Home – When refugees apply for asylum, often their families remain in their home nation or in a transit location. Pray for the Gospel to reach refugees nearby us, and also pray for the Gospel to reach to their families far away. We are hearing many positive stories about Jesus saving and transforming many former ISIS fighters.
10/40 Board Meeting – Praise God for the 10/40 board members and for the solid board meeting at the end of Jan. Our board is helping us lay a solid foundation for continued growth (in both depth and breadth) as God keeps blessing and moving.

Personal – We found out that our daughter Joeli will require back surgery (scheduled 10 March) due to congenital scoliosis. Pray for her strength, our preparation of her, and her surgeon (Dr. Skip) as he determines the best way to proceed.

February 8-14

Mobile Training School (PMTS) – Praise God for the government paperwork that will be finalized this week (without a bribe!) establishing a new organization and a new model of practical training in Pak. Pray for the 8 classes that are already meeting with dozens of eager students.

Tharu Village Leader and Voice for the Voiceless Impact – The Tharu community in Nepal celebrates the birth of sons with singing and sweets, but the birth of a daughter causes weeping. Because of the VFV training, six Tharu villages learned to also celebrate the birth of baby girls, “A noisy clapping and happy cry went up when the women practiced shouting, ‘A daughter is born!’” The chairman of the Tharu Home Stay Committee shared that VFV has directly impacted their entire community. “This is the first time for us to hear such an important program. Thank you!” Learn more about VFV.

Chinese New Year – On 8 Feb. China celebrates their New Year. During this time universities are closed and students return home. Pray for Chinese students who are new believers returning to their families for the first time. May they find open doors and receptive hearts. Pray for the outreaches planned by many of the house churches throughout the nation.

Personal – Huge praise! Our son, Eden Samuel became a Christian on 21 Jan.! We will all celebrate his 6th birthday on 14 Feb.

February 15-21

Reshma and Dilip, a Lunch Change Teacher – Sister Reshma teaches children each day and loves it. She also helps lead multiple house churches with over 70 believers among the Banjara people group. She requests prayer for her husband (Dilip) who is a believer but has quit going to church. She wants him by her side growing in the Lord. To help grow Lunch Change, click here.

Ummeed – Our “Deep Hope” church planter training for women begins its 8th consecutive year. Praise God for the 1,500 women who have been equipped to start churches! Pray for physical, spiritual and financial protection. Pray we can know how to move it toward more sustainability.

Cambodia School – Praise God! We just got a report from the field sharing that the new Cambodian school will start this year, which 10/40 helped to construct in 2015. Delays occurred because workmen were afraid of landmines left from the Khmer Rouge regime nearly 40 years ago. (There were no mines on the location). Pray for the new local Christian teachers and the new students who will help this school thrive as a model for other local schools.

Personal – We found out recently that our 2-year-old daughter Phoebe’s speech is delayed and she expresses little interest, possibly because she is constantly active climbing and exploring. Please pray for wisdom (and energy).

​ February 22-29

Nexus – Pray for this initiative which will place co-workers on the international field in East Asia in January 2017. If you or someone you know desires to serve among the least reached, check out the info online. Please pray for the Nexus applicants, evaluators, partnering churches, and the least reached who will be blessed.

Dagan B. – Pray for him and his family. As a gracious volunteer Dagan is helping put together 10/40’s DVD series Engaged: Multiply God’s Laborers for God’s Mission.” It should be out later this year, but now is production time. Pray for wisdom, speed, insight and God’s anointing.

Northern Zhuang of China – Pray that God would ignite a deep and fast-spreading revival among this people group which numbers over 14 million with only a few thousand believers. May they become evangelistic co-workers to many other people groups near them.

Personal – Pray we will balance, juggle, relate, pray, speak, decide, produce, think, lead, and love well. Sometimes we feel like we are in a pressure cooker.

​ 10/40 Now Hiring

Accounting Clerk Position – This month we hope to hire a qualified person to serve in our accounting department for 10 hours/week. This person will help with Quickbooks/Access data entry, accounts payable, and financial reports. They will work with management to help ensure 10/40’s goals of financial integrity, transparency, and gratitude. If interested, contact our office at candles@1040connections.org.

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