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International Day for the Unreached and the Arise Home

Dear Friends,
Are you looking forward to 15 May? We are!

Day for the Unreached
This Sunday the Church around the world celebrates the Day of Pentecost. Hopefully, your church is also ready to join thousands of other churches for the International Day for the Unreached! Did you know that 2 billion people have NEVER heard of Jesus? This Sunday, you can join others as we seek to break ground on our knees in these unreached areas.

If you’d like to facilitate a prayer group, or encourage your church to pray, you can sign up to get an official prayer guide here. We can also send you some great resources by email if you’d like to host a group to pray in your home or Sunday School class. Simply, contact us! If you are in the Chattanooga area, you are welcome to come to our home to pray. Email us and we’ll send you the information.

Arise Home Needs Prayer
On another note, we request prayer for the Arise Home in Delhi, India. Over the last 10 years through the Arise Home, 10/40 has worked with our local field partners M and B to provide a solid home and Christian education for 22 young women rescued from really bad situations. Some of you actually support these girls on a monthly basis (THANK YOU!).

We spoke with M this morning. She informed us that the Indian government is now specifically targeting Christians NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) which house and care for children – in order to shut them down. They have stated, “NGO’s should not run a foster home.”

This past month 2 homes run by Christians were shut down. In one instance, the director was asked to bring all the girls out to show the inspectors. And at that moment the inspectors took all of the girls from the home – instantly gone. Talk about a shock! The charges the government state are never “religious based.” Instead they will say, “Your home is unclean, and a child’s life is much more valuable than your unclean place.”

M shared with us, “The government has authority over the NGO. If they want to remove the girls, the government can do anything ‘to protect the girls.’ They have not touched the non-Christian NGO’s, only the Christian ones. This is the government.”

M has been called in to meet on 16 May. She has no idea what they may say or what they may do. Already the Arise Home girls have stated, “This is our home. We do not want to go, and we will fight. Who are they to catch us and take us somewhere we don’t know?”

Please pray for their protection!
Please pray for churches around the world to pause, take time, and connect to God’s heart on behalf of the unreached. Pray all believers will awaken to God’s heartbeat.
Please pray for the Arise Home and for M’s meeting this coming 16th, that all of our girls would be safe from government interference and able to continue a thriving life.
Pray for integrity, transparency and honesty at all levels of government.
World Christians, Arise!
C and L

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