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Dear Friends,
We hope you all are doing well and living with courage in Jesus. We just finished a few days visiting with our Indian church planting partner. She shared many good stories, so let this one encourage your heart.

“It has been so worth it! It has been so worth it!” Sister Rima only uttered this phrase at the Ummeed training. When the Ummeed instructors inquired further, they discovered that Rima’s non-Christian husband had “beaten her black and blue” because she had planted two house churches. He wanted her at home though he was gone most of the week. Her house churches had grown to more than 50 new believers from majority background, and her husband also did not approve of this. Rima’s bruises were the price she paid to attend the Ummeed training, where she shared her stories and gained courage from the other planters.*

Please pray for Sister Rima and other Asian church planters as they count the cost of following Christ. May we all realize how worthy Jesus is!

Also, we are one week away from the 10/40 Connections banquet BE COURAGEOUS: A Light to the Nations. We look forward to seeing you on November 17, 5:45 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Chattanooga. If you have not yet gotten your tickets, please do so now. Details for the banquet are here.

Whether you can attend or not, we invite you to help us meet our matching grant of $50,000 toward the GiveLight Initiative. The GiveLight Initiative (which you can designate online) promotes 10/40 projects among at-risk women and children and results in churches being planted among the least reached in Asia.

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* In 2016 10/40’s Ummeed project equipped over 200 church planters who have planted more than 250 house churches among 7 distinct least reached people groups. (Note: We only count a house church when there are at least ten, adult, baptized believers.) If you would like to help extend our Ummeed church planting efforts – click here.

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