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Monthly Prayer Requests

June 1-7

  • Ramadan – This month of fasting runs from 6 June to 7 July. Join millions of Christians praying for Muslims during this month. Find resources for children or adults at www.pray30days.com.
  • Arise Home – The 22 girls and 10 other friends depart 3 June for the hill station of Manali. Each year 10/40 hosts a special retreat for the girls. They will start this year’s camp with a medical clinic and then enjoy 4 days of retreat. Pray for fun and safe travel (16 hour bus ride x 2).
  • At-Risk Maternity Home – On 7 June construction begins on the maternity home 10/40 Connections is building with Nepali partners. Praise God for the progress so far. Construction should last 5 months.
  • VFV Translations – Translation is underway of Voice for the Voiceless into the Urdu language and two Bhutanese languages. Pray for correct word choices and pray continued anointing on this curriculum.
  • Personal – Pray we will use this summer to disciple our kids well. Pray each will grow into strong ambassadors for Christ. Joeli seems to be under regular spiritual attack (ever since her surgery). Please pray we will know how to help her.

June 8-14

  • New 10/40 Website! – Our new website goes live this week! Pray it will reach many and bless the nations with greater connectivity and awareness.
  • Mobile Seminary – We launched with partners a new mobile seminary in an undisclosed nation (for security purposes). 8 classes are currently underway! We have two male theologians and one female theologian. Please pray divine protection over them from physical or spiritual harm.
  • American Heritage Girls Troop – 10/40 Connections is teaching a “mission badge” to an AHG troop this week. Pray for anointing on L and for all the girls to gain a heart for God’s world!
  • New Seekers – Pray for Mus. people who are hearing about Jesus for the first time. May their hearts be open and their minds understand, even as many are increasingly dismayed at the hatred and fear of terrorism. May they crave the only God who can give true peace.
  • Personal – Please pray for Phoebe’s speech. Pray that God will loosen her tongue miraculously.

June 15-21

  • DVD Series Edits – Pray for C and L as we work this whole week with video editor (Dagan) who is editing our teaching videos for the DVD series entitled Multiplying God’s Laborers.
  • Sister M. – Praise God with us that our church planting partner is okay. In May we thanked God for her good health. While you prayed for her, she suffered a heart attack and drove herself to the hospital, had an angioplasty surgery, survived and is now teaching again!
  • Shan People – Pray for the Shan who reside in Myanmar and Thailand. There are 3.2 million of them and only about .9% Christian. They are over 99% Buddhist. Traditionally each Shan family sends at least one male to a temple at age 8 or 9.
  • New Believers – Pray for the many Mus. refugees who are putting their faith in Jesus in a free environment. Pray for the new believers to grow to grow deep and strong.
  • Personal – Please pray for a blessing of rest on C this Father’s Day. He’s an awesome dad! Pray he will continue to build into Joeli, Eden Samuel, and Phoebe in distinct ways that help them each grow and develop.

June 22-30

  • Book Progress – Pray for us to complete our final edits of Engaged in Love and War: Living with Commitment and Courage by the end of the month! It feels like a never-ending process.
  • Debbie S. – We are thrilled that she began to work in 10/40’s financial department during the month of May. We are thankful for her heart and abilities!
  • Mid-East Children – Pray for Muslim children from Syria and Iraq who have suffered terribly by ISIS. Pray for them to desire a real relationship with God. Pray for breakthrough among 14-year olds this week!
  • Personal – Pray for our family as we take a vacation before we start to travel in Asia July 12. Pray God will speak to us through rest, and pray we will rest!
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