Dear Friends,
We are getting things ready for the Engaged in Love and War launch. It releases on May 16! We are excited to see the book finally hit the market.

Already, there has been some strange spiritual war issues that have surrounded it. Our agent recently told us that she sees this kind of attack pre-launch when there’s significant impact the book could have. That excites us, but causes us to realize how vital a prayer team is to surround the whole situation.

Currently, we are contacting bloggers, authors, influencers, organizations, and our email list. We are writing, blogging, and finding interviews. We are coordinating a street team (launch team – many of you!). We are contacting partnering churches.

But ALL of that is useless if God is not moving, anointing, blessing and guiding the book into the right hands.

Our goal is NOT to simply sell a book. Our book is to see God transform hearts, and for believers to recognize this amazing journey of love we can have with Christ and the significant impact we can have on earth if we join him in his war to push back darkness and redeem and restore His creation.

Due to the contents of this book as well as our upcoming move to Thailand, we know our family lives in the line of fire from the Enemy. We need strong prayer warriors to also surround our family – for our marriage, our kids, our extended families, and our move.

We are asking God to release this book into 10,000 hands (10,000 souls) within a ONE-year period of time.

Considering most books sell 250 books or less, this reveals ONLY God can help us accomplish such a goal. When a book sells 10,000 books it often begins to take on a life of its own and lasts longer than the typical 3 months.

At our 10/40 dinner in November, you signed up to be notified about prayer items related to the book. So unless you notify us, we are going to include you on the email list for prayer requests up through the book launch time. We are so glad that you are part of the Circle of Prayer around the book and around our family during the release. This team will:
· Pray consistently.

· Pray boldly.

· Pray Spirit-led prayers.

If you have any questions, or if you want not to be included on this prayer list, you can write to
Thank you all!

Malta Mondays 11
March 13, 2017

Why couldn’t the bicycle make it up the hill? Because it was two tire-d. 😀


Malta Mondays 10
March 6, 2017

Greetings from Malta!


Hello everyone!

We are continuing to see and experience the goodness and grace of God in abundance as a church and as a family, and we are so thankful for your effectual, faith-filled prayers for us.


Malta Mondays 4
January 23, 2017

1.) I gave Nathan the opportunity to watch the Inauguration this week (as in I made him…) to try and explain some about America’s government. The others were out at the time. We will pray for America in this new season. Today Malta’s President is visiting Nathan’s school and his class is singing the Maltese National Anthem and one other song for her so he is very excited. This year Malta also has the Presidency of the European Union so that’s a pretty important role. Let’s remember to pray for all of our government leaders worldwide.

2.) Earl had a good meeting and also a great time with family and friends and is back home safely. Do pray for the Access team to come together with just the right folks and lift up the planning for this summer. Also this week a team from TN is beginning to meet to plan so again ask that as the Holy Spirit prompts, people will take that step of obedience and say yes!

3.) Pray for the Bugibba Bible Study, the Bormla Bible Study, the church in Mosta and it’s Bible Studies on Wed nights in Floriana and Mosta. Also this Thursday evening at our flat we will begin the six week Entrusted Beth Moore study and on Saturday mornings at church Rebecca will be leading it as well to try and get as many folks as possible involved. Please pray for ladies to come and be committed to stick it out for all of the six weeks and really learn and grow! Also pray for several young ladies who are interested in a mission trip this summer and ask that we would follow God’s leading on this. I’d also like to ask prayer for wisdom and discernment for us- can’t share details but appreciate the prayer.

Kids Korner: This time last year Nathan was in the hospital with his stress seizures. We are SO GRATEFUL that he’s doing so much better now! Thomas is feeling a bit draggy today so I’m hoping it’s just a cold and he’ll feel better soon. He has mid-term exams coming up in two weeks. We are picking Kathryn up early today as she must be present to pick up our residency permits since she is over 14. Yes, rejoice with us that they were granted and very quickly! 😀

January 1-7

10/40’s Nepal Maternity Home – This “dry month” in Nepal will give the chance to pour concrete on the second floor. Pray for all the needed finances to come in quickly (about 23k), so the women waiting for help can be sheltered sooner than later. See a video of the construction here.

Malta Mondays 52
December 26, 2016

Happy Boxing Day! In the UK, this is a day that many employers would give servants or workers a “box” containing gifts, bonuses, and sometimes leftover food. In Europe, it has also included donations to the poor. Here in Malta there is a large fundraiser called L-Istrina that raises funds for the Malta Community Chest Fund to help all kinds of charities.

Some of you may have also seen Malta in the International news due to the hijacked Libyan flight.
We are grateful it was resolved peacefully and quickly.

1.) Tomorrow morning Kathryn and Thomas will travel by themselves to Prague via Munich for the annual Third Culture Kid retreat. They return via Frankfurt on the 31st and have an 8 hour layover there. This is such a great and encouraging time for them to be with other believing young people and to be poured into by sweet American volunteers. Pray for all those traveling, for good health, and for excellent and fun spiritual growth for them all!

2.) Our church took up canned goods etc to help out several families and the Food Bank. We were blessed to help with some of the deliveries. Pray specifically for two of the single moms we helped with numerous kids. Both of them in the past were regularly attending church and even were baptized but they have fallen away. Ask that in 2017 they will seek Him again and His priorities- for them and for their families.

3.) We really enjoyed our time on Christmas Eve at the Church fellowship. We actually had several unbelieving friends come that we had invited that day! Again at this time of year when people tend to make changes in their priorities, ask that they will seek and find Christ this year. This Saturday evening we will have our “Watch Night Service” where we pray in the New Year together. Appreciate your prayers for Malta!

Kids Korner: Nathan entered an epilepsy art contest this week with three photos called “My Fun Life.” It’s good for him to express himself through art- he’s really pretty good at it! He got Playmobil toys for Christmas- a hospital and a tree house! Thomas got a big bean bag. Kathryn got a new phone. We got a new washing machine since ours died this week. 😀 As mentioned above do pray for our older two as they are away and for Nathan as we spend some quality time with him this week.

Dear Friends,
Your prayers and your financial partnership over the past couple of years have allowed 10/40’s Voice for the Voiceless curriculum to spread across much of Nepal (and other nations). In the process, the lives of many babies have been saved. Of course, brave moms often face social pressures and they need a safe place to stay for a while.

Dear Friends,
We hope you and your family are having a wonderful Christmas season!

Wanted to share some really good news. We invite you to join with us in celebrating that a previously unengaged unreached people group now has the first believer!

You may remember the Wan people. (We have shared a few stories previously. This was the group initially accessed by married couples going out together, risking “their honor.”) We just got the wonderful report yesterday that the FIRST Wan person accepted Christ about 3 weeks ago and took baptism in a nearby canal. Praise!

This Christmas season Jesus will receive worship for the FIRST time from someone in this people group. What a birthday gift for Jesus!

God continues to move through you as you partner with 10/40 Connections. We are blessed and honored to work with you on behalf of God’s dream for all people groups!

Until All Know,
C and L

P.S. Also, we have come a long way, but we still have not yet completed our matching grant of $48,000. Please consider 10/40 Connections in your year-end giving and let’s stop spiritual injustice, serve at-risk children, and speak up for the voiceless.

Dear friends:

Twas the week before Christmas,
and all thru the missionary house,
every creature was stirring, and yes, even the mouse.

Titus’s diapers were thrown in the trash with care,
In hopes that our guests wouldn’t smell the stale air.

The other children were running and jumping over beds,
While visions of our downstairs neighbors danced in our heads.

Mike working on a sermon, and Alicia prepping school,
Had just settled their hearts for a time to refuel.

When out on the street there arose such a clatter,
Mike sprang into action to see what was the matter.

Away to the window he flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

Out in the street there came a gathering,
So large, no one could begin fathoming.

We live in a land with millions to count,
Many who have yet to hear Luke’s account.

These millions walk in fear,
They know not the message we hold dear.

A message sure, steady, and clear,
The Birth of a Savior who came near.

God with us, Child divine,
With love to offer to mankind.

That night long ago He came to fulfill,
God’s promise to all, on a Calvary hill.

So on this week before Christmas night,
We once again reflect on the Light.

The King of Glory came to be,
A human baby for all to see.

God with us, Word made flesh,
How can this be, – –is this some jest?

Now out with pride, sin, and shame,
Walking in victory is our claim.

We know our Master will come again,
With peace on earth, good will toward men.

Until that day, we work and wait,
We know our coming reward is great.

Merry Christmas is not just for you,
It’s making much-of- Christ the whole year thru!


Mike & Alicia Nicholes
Michaela 12, Charis 9, Josiah 6, Titus 2

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