Preschool Division

Preschool (Birth – 12 months) – Nursery

Preschool (12 – 24 months) – Nursery

Preschool (2 year olds) – Room E-108

Preschool (3 year olds) – Room E-102

Pre-K (4 year olds) – Room E-103

Kindergarten (5 – 6 year olds) – Room E-205

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Children's Division

1st Grade – Room E-206

2nd Grade – Room E-203

3rd Grade – Room E-204

4th Grade – Room E-201

5th Grade – Room E-206

Special Needs Class – E-108

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Student Division

Ladies Small Groups

Jolley SG  – Room B-5 | Seeking Him

Ruth SG – Room E-112 | Explore the Bible Minor Prophets

Daughters of the King SG – Room SC-112 | Seeking Him
(All Ages)

Morning Glory Ladies SG – Room MS-105 | Seeking Him
(All Ages)

Adult Small Groups

Single Vision SG  – Room SC-101 | Philippians
(All Ages)

Young Career 22-30 – MS-101 | Seeking Him

Home Builders SG – SC-100 | Seeking Him

Walks in Life SG – MS-103/104 | Seeking Him

New Beginnings SG – E-207 | Seeking Him

Christ in Action SG – SC-200 | Seeking Him

Clements Connection SG – SC-105 | Seeking Him

Compassion SG – Room E-211 | Seeking Him

Couples for Christ SG – Choir Suite | Contentment
(All Ages)

Holmes SG – Room E-209 | Bible Studies for Life

Christ Is Alive SG – Room E-107 | Seeking Him

Fellowship SG – Room B-15 | Living Victoriously in Difficult Times

Son Worshippers SG – MPB |Bible Studies for Life

Kingdom Seekers SG – MS-102 | Romans

Faith/Jubilee SG – Room E-111 | Seeking Him

Joy SG – Room E-109 | Explore the Bible Minor Prophets

Emmanuel SG – Room E-113 | Bible Studies for Life

NAPFE Class – NAPFE Apartments

Men's Small Groups

Men’s SG – Room B-10  | Bible Studies for Life

  • Service Times

    Sunday Schedule:
    8:00 AM Small Groups
    9:00 AM Worship Service with Choir and Orchestra
    10:15 AM Small Groups
    11:15 AM Worship Service with Band
    6:00 PM Worship Service

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    6:30 PM Service & Activities

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