Wilderness At The Smokies



  1. ALL MS & HS Students & parents of MSM/HSM students already planning to attend
  2. All parents of students not yet planning to attend (Just tell them, “we are going to this event, and we are going to have a great time! 😉 )


Our MSM/HSM spring retreat.


Wilderness in the Smokies Resort CLICK HERE


This weekend! May 2-4


  1. Because we are going to dig into God’s Word together!
  2. Because God’s Word never returns void! He will do something great in you and your student(s) this weekend!
  3. Because waterparks are fun!
  4. Because when parents attend events with their student(s), it communicates, “This is important,” to them.


We have a parent meeting this Wednesday night following the student services in the student center which should answer all of your questions.

Cost for students is $119, but the cost for parents is only $50!!!

If you cannot attend the meeting, please contact Erin in the student ministry office either by phone (344-8327) or via email at erin-nanney@baysidebaptist.org .


What to Bring


Student Registration and/or Parent Registration


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