Day 1 (General)

21 Days of Prayer

For the next 21 Days, we are going to pray together that God will move in power in the next generation…from birth through college and beyond. You can use this tool to pray for your kids, grandkids, family members and others in our church and community in the next generation.

We will pray together that God will prepare our hearts to invest in the next generation, that our church will do whatever it takes to reach and disciple the next generation, and that we’ll see the next generation of Christ followers rise up right now!

Choose at least one member of the next generation that you will pray for specifically during these 21 days. You’ll find a focused theme for each week, and each day you’ll find a specific scripture you can pray over your own kids, grandkids, others in your family, or someone from the next generation in our church or our community.


Develop a real faith that endures:
A Growing relationship, not following rules

This week, the theme is praying that the next generation would develop a real faith that endures no matter what circumstances life brings. This kind of faith is built only on a growing relationship with Christ, not by following rules.

Pray for the faith of those in the next generation, to be found only in Jesus. Pray against legalism and a lifeless practice of rules and tradition. Pray for peace, hope and life in Jesus.

“Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth,
and the life. No one comes to the Father
except through me.’ ”

John 14:6

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