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What is 21 Days of Prayer?

21 Days of Prayer is a guided journey to learn to pray with greater spiritual effectiveness and power. God answers when you call out to him, and He wants you journey with him to grow in prayer.

What do I need to do?

  • Ask God to show you what to pray for during 21 Days of Prayer. Once He reveals this one thing to you, commit to pray for 1 minute at 1pm each day for this 1 thing. It’s the 1:1:1 challenge.

  • Use the 21 Days of Prayer Cards to guide your prayer each day. Use the card for each day to guide your prayers. You can pick up a copy in worship, or download the cards here.
  • Check out Bayside’s social media each day (Facebook and Instagram) and follow along with the prayer guide videos for every day of 21 Days of Prayer.
  • Pick up a 21 Days of Prayer wristband and wear it!

We want to hear from you! Tell us how God answers your prayers during 21 Days of Prayer! Send us your story here.

Days of Prayer (2020)
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