It is our goal to provide a safe, fun, and Christ-centered learning environment.
As they learn to Love God, Live Truth, and Serve Others on their level.

There are paid workers and volunteers in the nursery rooms, providing your child with a friendly and familiar environment. Two adults will be with your child at all times.


Birth-12 months  – Nursery Suite

12-24 months – Nursery Suite

2 year olds – Purple Room E-105

3 year olds – Green Room E-102

Checking Your Child In

A sign-in sheet will be located outside of the nursery/preschool classrooms. There, your child will receive a name tag with a number that will be placed on their shirt. You will receive the matching part with a number to bring back when you pick up your child.

A nursery worker will meet you at the door to receive your child and diaper bag. All parents of birth to 24 months will receive a pager with an identification number on it. Pagers are also available for all parents, and can be received in the nursery suite. Please present the pager when you pick up your child and your matching sticker.

After you have completed the check-in process, simply wave good-bye and leave for the worship service or small group. As you know, it is normal for little ones to cry when a parent leaves. This typically does not last long. Our teachers will immediately create interest in a toy or activity, and provide assurance that you will be back soon. If your child cries for an extended period of time, we will page you.

What To Bring

Please have individual diaper/backpacks for your children of different ages, due to the fact that they will be in different rooms.

When packing a bag for your child, please include:

  • 2 to 3 disposable diapers
  • A complete change of clothes
  • Bottle/sippee cup of milk, formula, juice or water
  • A special item, such as pacifier, blanket or teething ring
  • Please label all items in your child’s bag.

We will provide snacks for older children, such as apple juice or water, butter crackers and animal crackers.

Please note on the sign-in sheet any information that will help in caring for your child, such as feeding times, sleeping times, allergies, and special needs.

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