Preschool Division

Preschool (Birth – 12 months) – Nursery

Preschool (12 – 24 months) – Nursery

Preschool (2 year olds) – Purple Room E-105

Preschool (3 year olds) – Green Room E-102

Pre-K (4 year olds) – Yellow Room E-103

Kindergarten (5 – 6 year olds) – Teal Room E-205

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Children’s Division

1st Grade – Green Room E-206

2nd Grade – Blue Room E-203

3rd Grade – Purple Room E-204

4th Grade – Yellow Room E-201

5th Grade – Red Room E-202

Special Needs Class – Special Friends Room E-106

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Student Division

Ladies Small Groups

Hope (20-50’s)
Room: MS-105

Ladies (50 & up)
Room: B-22

Daughters of the King (all ages)
Room: E-108

Morning Glory (all ages)
Room: Temporarily E-113

Adult Small Groups

Nearly & Newly Married (18 & up) MS-102

Walks in Life (25-40’s) MS-103/104

Home Builders (30-50’s)
Room: SC-100

Christ in Action (30-50’s)
Room: SC-201

New Beginnings (30-50’s)
Room: MS-101

Compassion (30 & up)
Room: E-207

Clements Connection (40-60’s)
Room: Choir Suite

Under His Wings (40-60’s)
Room: E-211

Tapestry of Grace (40-60’s)
Room: SC-101

Fellowship (50-70’s)
Room: B-15

SonWorshippers (50-70’s)
Multi-Purpose Building

Holmes (60-70’s)
Room: SC-106

Faith/Jubilee (60 & up)
Room: E-111

Joy (70 & up)
Room: E-109

Emmanuel (80 & up)
Room: E-112

Men’s Small Groups

Not meeting at this time.