Dear Friends,
Our daughter Phoebe asked at the dinner table, “Mommy, are you coming to my sports day?” I said, “Of course I am coming! I am going to cheer for you!” Her face broke out with a huge smile, as she said, “Thank you, Mommy! I love you!” We think God also wants to have this little conversation with each of us.

  • Us:
    God, are you coming to watch me live my life today?
  • God:
    Of course, I am watching! I am cheering you on! I’m with you and in you!
  • Is our response: “Oh, thank you, God! I love you!”

It’s true! God is with us and in us. God sings over us with dancing. God’s numerous thoughts towards us are beautiful and good. He watches, he listens, he cheers, guides, and prods. How his heart must warm when we stop and say, “Thank you! I love you!”

God is also watching over the 8 teachers of 10/40’s mobile seminary who work among predominantly Muslim people groups in South Asia. Jesus smiles and cheers that over 200 people are currently enrolled in literacy classes, and that last year 45 people accepted Christ because of these classes. God has guided the four married couples whose marriages are now stronger because they began to minister together. These teaching couples travel together by motorcycle to remote villages to teach classes and share the love of Jesus.

God continues to strengthen families in Nepal and India through this simple curriculum. Church planters in Western Nepal have gained access to 9 villages because of this curriculum which has helped them have a reason to live there. We have also seen God continue to open doors for Voice for the Voiceless.

Some praise points:

  • The Urdu translation is now complete and the formatting is underway.
  • The curriculum is now complete in Mandarin, both translating and formatting.
  • The curriculum is in Thai.
  • The curriculum is in Hindi.
  • The curriculum is in Nepali.

One new VFV translation is just now starting in Bamar language (Myanmar). The countries of Laos and Singapore are next on the radar.

Other Updates

  • Recently one of our friends working in a nearby nation was arrested and held for eight days, along with many local believers. He is now banned from that nation for five years. We hope to meet with him in the next month or so and hear more details as the security situation becomes more like a full-on police / surveillance state. Please pray for him, his family, and the people group they work among.
  • Soon, 10/40 Connections will release a video series and eBook study guide entitled ENGAGED TOGETHER: Multiplying God’s Laborers for God’s Mission. It’s a curriculum that examines the tough passages addressing how men and women can partner well together.
  • Join us on 23 February as we wear black to mourn all the lives taken through abortion.
  • Visit our blog post to ponder – Why Would God Create People He Knows Will Never Hear of Jesus?
  • Check out our Live It Out podcast to learn more about how to Love Both: The Pre-Born and the Baby.

We think God looks at his people standing for life, getting back up after being knocked down, working hard in polluted conditions, and he says, “I am watching you and cheering you on!”

Thank you, Jesus. We love you!
Until All Know,
C and L

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