February 1-7

  • The Hope and Cataract Surgeries – Praise God that in the past 2 months 81 patients received their sight through cataract surgery! A new machine simplified the process to 2-3 minutes per eye! All patients watched The Hope video and had so many good and simple questions. Pray for solid and continued follow-up.
  • Death Threats and Break-ins – In North India some of our ch planters have received death threats. Two were beaten harshly when coming home recently. Our training center had a break-in last month, and 3 times knives and bloody cloths were thrown inside the living area.
  • Crown of Beauty Home Babies – Already in 2019 two new babies have been born in the Crown of Beauty home in Nepal. One has been adopted, and one is in process of adoption.
  • Voice for the Voiceless Reports – We just received reports of VFV being well received in 3 more areas of North India. Many people cried and confessed and repented of abortion. Others agreed that they should not beat their wives for producing a girl-child. Many tangible results.
  • Personal – On 5 Feb. Phoebe has an interview and assessment to see if she’s ready to enter kindergarten. Please pray we will have wisdom about her readiness. She can’t wait to go to school with the other two!

February 8-14

  • Partners Hit with Huge Taxes – Two 10/40 partners in Asia were hit in December and January with massive tax bills! Government leaders said that posting a picture of Christmas showed that our partners were “trying to convert people,” and therefore their entire ministry budget is no longer tax exempt. Ridiculous and expensive. Pray for wisdom and for the rulings to be overturned.
  • Key List of 343 UUPG’s – Just came across the most updated list of Unengaged Unreached People Groups. Pray that these last key remaining groups will soon be accessed and know Jesus and that the Church will multiply greatly among them.
  • Ballia School…600 Kids – The school 10/40 constructed in 2018 has seen enrollment jump from 300 to 600 students. New house churches have sprung up in 8 additional villages as access increases and more hearts are opening.
  • Training Center in N. India – Praise God that a new powerful generator has been installed, walls repaired, leaking flat roof sealed, and the ground level raised to prevent flooding (and snakes!) Pray for the upcoming trainings to continue without any logistic problems.
  • Personal – We celebrate Eden’s 9th birthday on 14 Feb. Pray Eden will set an example of how to both lead and love well! Pray for continual health over his lungs during the burning season. (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

February 15-21

  • Crown of Beauty Home Sustainability – We hope to see the COB home become fully self-sustaining by local resources and church tithing. Pray that God will give wisdom and favor and pour out his finances for the upcoming ventures. May the efforts bless and not distract from the main goal!
  • Deaf UUPG’s – Pray that deaf people groups can be reached through literate means (reading the Bible) or the sending of many sign language missionaries.
  • 10/40 Podcasts and Blogs – Pray that the ongoing resources we produce (Live It Out and 10/40 Perspectives) will bless and inspire many people to live out their faith in tangible ways and increase prayer for the least reached.
  • Bible Drill and Pray for Nations – On 13 and 27 Feb. we host 20-30 kids in our home for Bible Drill and prayer for the least reached. May their prayers be powerful and effective!
  • Personal – Pray for us as we start to host a weekly house church gathering on Sunday evenings. Pray each person will experience deep community, for the nations to be blessed through our prayer, and for us all to grow in how to apply the Bible to our lives.

February 22-28

  • Voice for the Voiceless translation into Bamar – In January we gained a great contact who wants to oversee the translation of VFV into the main language of Myanmar (Bamar). Pray for the translation to start this month and for this relationship to bloom and benefit millions in Myanmar.
  • Transformer Intentionally Destroyed – Our Indian partners suffered without power for two months because vandals destroyed the nearby transformer and the government officers wanted a bribe to repair it. Finally, repairs were made. Pray for the salvation of the vandals and the greedy officers. May nothing stand in the way of Jesus’ kingdom extending in this region.
  • Video Production Nears Completion – Praise God that a project we began two years ago could be finished this month. Pray for wisdom and the details of production and distribution.
  • Personal – Joeli and C travel to Bangkok on 23 Feb. for her next out-patient back-rod extension. Bangkok finally got the “MAGEC wand.” Yea! Little nervous to have a 3rd doctor involved, but the process seems quite simple and we save $ by not going to Singapore. Pray for Joeli’s continual mental strength.

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Until All Know,
C and L

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