Jesus brings goodness and life!
Enjoy a first-hand report in the words of a 10/40 field partner:

We started the Voice for the Voiceless training with an open question, “What do you do if a baby died or miscarried before she\he born?” Many of the participants answered very easily saying “we throw them in jungle, sometime dig and bury them without any special formality or ceremony.” Again, we made another open question, “Why do you do that?” They answered, “because we think they are not like a baby who are born and grown up…so no necessary of any ceremony…” After listening them we told the ever-living and powerful story of baby Joy and the inspiration behind the curriculum, which we always do wherever we conduct the class. As usual the story helped the participants to be receptive towards the class. After laying the strong foundation of the class we started Voice for the Voiceless training…

The session opened the eyes of many participants because they were very interactive and positive with the information.

When we finished the sessions on abortion and its effects, most of the participants were very humble and prepared for repentance… So, we concluded the class with prayer of repentance and healing. There was a woman leader who was hosting the program shared her story of abortion… she didn’t share it directly but indirectly using third person’s story…but it was guessable. After the VFV session we also led the participants in prayer and intercession using our Prayer guide.

Friends, thank you for your part in helping share the Good News of forgiveness through Jesus. Many people have heard his name for the first time this year because of your partnership and generosity. We all have so much good news to share!

Need a post-Christmas idea for giving?
If you still want to bless your loved ones this Christmas season, and impact people with the Gospel, consider donating to specific projects in their honor.

Water Wells $900
Voice for the Voiceless $175
Leadership Development/Ch. Planting $100
Motorcycles $800
Mobile Seminary/Literacy $150
Feed/Educate a Child $132
COVID Disaster Relief $25

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Until all know!
C and L

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