Interrupt Your Schedule – The Return

We are so thankful for each of you. We want to alert you to an important prayer gathering taking place across our nation that you do not want to miss!

Coming up on September 25-26, there is an event called The Return. You can participate in this event in your home, church, or onsite in Washington DC. Thousands will participate across the U.S, and we want you to join as well! It is once again, an urgent time to pray for our nation and world.

What is The Return? A time for God’s people to turn to God, repent, and intercede for our nation!
The Return is a movement, an appointed time, and a specific day set apart for one purpose – the return to God, that there be a coming before His presence in humility, in sincerity in prayer and repentance, that there be intercession for America, for each other, and for oneself, for God’s mercy, for salvation, for healing, for revival, for restoration, and for the fulfillment of God’s purposes for America and all who dwell within it.

When will it be?
As a time and season, it will be focused on the biblical ten-day period beginning with the Feast of Trumpets and ending with the Day of Atonement, (September 18-28) the time known as the Days of Repentance. This will also coincide with the four hundredth anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower.
As a day, it will center on Saturday, September 26, 2020. This will fall near the end of the ten-day period. In the time left in that period, it will be sealed with the prayers of God’s people in their houses of worship and individually before the Lord.
We encourage you to take time to participate. Encourage your church to engage, but if they choose not to, then YOU participate with your family and friends.

This is NOT the time to sit back, shake our heads at the culture, and sigh. This is the TIME for the Church to TURN BACK TO GOD and REPENT. When we as God’s people are right with God, healing will come to our land! We want REVIVAL and it starts with us!

The Return website has many resources:

JOIN US IN-PERSON as we stream a simulcast in Chattanooga!
Date Saturday, 26 September
Time 9am-9pm Come for all or part of the day!
Location 714 Levi Cemetery Road, Chattanooga, TN 37415
Believers here have an amazing “event barn” with great tech facilities.
Bring Any food/drinks you want, lawn chairs, kids are welcome but no childcare,
Sign-up Google Doc Sheet (map/parking info included here)

The important thing is to actually PRAY! There is nothing more powerful than believers gathering to worship and pray!

As we told our kids, “Regardless of what happens in our nation, we want you to know you were raised by parents who did everything we knew to pray, repent, turn to God and call others to the same. If America falls, know that your parents sought God rather than sleeping through troubling times.”

Join us, Until All Know!
L and C

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