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Dear Friends,

Jesus is risen! We hope this past weekend has been special for you as you reflected on the death and resurrection of Jesus!

As we celebrated the removal of our own sin and our own hope for resurrection because of Christ, we looked out our window and were reminded that 99% of the people we see do not celebrate because so few have heard in a way they understand.

Jesus: Passover = Betrothal
Want to think some fun new thoughts about the Lord’s Supper? Click here to watch a short teaching about how the Jesus, in one Last Supper meal, merges the Passover with Hebrew betrothal. Jesus packs a punch that brings many relevant applications for today.

Voice for the Voiceless Launches in Thailand!
This past month, 10/40 Connections facilitated our first Voice for the Voiceless seminar in Thailand. Over 25 women gathered. Most had little sense of their value as women. Many had been rescued from trafficking. Four were pregnant, and a couple of the four were considering abortion.

One woman wept afterwards and shared, “I realize how much value every child has. I am so thankful for my son. I wanted to abort him because I realized he had problems when he was inside me. I tried to find the 6,000 baht ($181 USD) but could not find it. And because of that, he’s alive. Today when I heard this seminar, I realized again how thankful I am that I could not find the money. My son has value. His body is weak, but his mind is sharp.”

Later I saw the little boy. She carried her 8-year-old towards me. With weak muscles, he cannot walk and is the size of our 4-year-old. But as the mom said, “He has intrinsic value – simply because he is created in the image of God.” Our 8-year-old son did not hesitate, but played ball with him during the teaching, much to his delight.

With the name of Jesus, Voice for the Voiceless continues to speak for the value of the women, the unborn, and children! (Download and read our most recent eBook, Love the Pre-Born and the Mother.)

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Yesterday we departed for East Asia. We appreciate your prayers for open doors and God-sized divine connections.

Until All Know…

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