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Dear Friends,
It’s not a lot in the news, but it should be. China’s Christians are experiencing greatly increased pressure, surveillance, and restriction. “Not since the Cultural Revolution have we seen this type of persecution in our nation,” a brother shared.

We are including in this update a number of links to additional articles that give insight, images, and videos.

The irony is, Chinese Christians have no desire to overthrow their government. They love their homeland and want to bless their nation. Chinese Christians are not seeking to topple the Party. Instead, they want their nation to flourish with great prosperity. Chinese Christians are not being controlled by foreign agents or foreign nations. Rather, they are kind, educated, thoughtful citizens who are able to think well on their own about finances, politics, theology, etc. Yet they are experiencing hardship and expect more to come.

Learn Something, Do Something!

So what are we doing as 10/40 Connections? We love equipping people to know how to share the Good news. So today are releasing an eBook, available for free download on our website. It will help you know how to speak to the heart of your Asian friends who come from atheist background.

Saving Face and All the Rest:
Share the Gospel with Asian Atheists

Feel free to download it, share it, and put it into practice. As you do, do not forget to lift up the nation of China and our brothers and sisters there who are preparing to endure even more difficulty.

Until All Know!
C and L

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