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Monthly Prayer Requests

August 1-7

  • Young Thai Soccer Players Trapped in a Deep Cave – Praise Jesus for the amazing rescue of all of these boys and their coach. Praise God for the one Lahu Christian boy (Adul Samon) who prayed to Jesus while trapped in the cave and for his testimony afterwards. Pray for the family of the Thai diver who died.
  • C/L Speaking Engagements – This month we finish up our speaking engagements for the summer with River Church (1 Aug) and Burks UMC (5 Aug). Praise God with us for the fun and relational events these past few weeks (and WELCOME to new people on our mailing list!)
  • Broken Hand for Our Partner, Mona – In June our good friend and ch planting partner (Mona) tripped while walking and got a hairline fracture in her right hand. She is now out of plaster cast, but it is still painful (and hard to type reports). Appreciate prayers for her complete healing.
  • International Travel – On 7 Aug we complete our packing and we head back to Thailand! Pray for safe and uneventful travel. Thanks!
  • Personal – Our daughter Joy would be turning 9 today! Pray we will rejoice in the resurrection of the miscarried because of Jesus. C celebrates another birthday on 2 Aug with family and a minor league baseball game!

August 8-14

  • Health Workers and Voice for the Voiceless – Pray for health workers to understand that life begins before the baby takes a breath of oxygen. This past month, one health worker participated in VFV and stated, “Many times I promoted abortion instead of talking about the appropriate family planning measure…I referred many women for abortion. Today I felt very sad about my profession and I wept a lot and repented. I believe God has forgiven me today…I have determined to teach the women in my community about life.”
  • Sustainable Ch Planting – At 10/40 we do not pay church planters, but we do work toward sustainability in our projects. To help with maintenance costs in North India for our leadership development/ch planter training courses we now have 4 buffalo, 1 cow and 4 calves. For a practical request, pray for their health and great milk production, which helps pay the bills!
  • Sarthak and Lunch Change Schools – Praise God for young Sarthak. When he was born, he did not cry or drink milk. Oxygen did not reach his brain, said the doctors. But the Lunch Change teachers prayed for Sarthak and now he shows no signs of impairment. Also, Sarthak’s uncle recently became paralyzed. But when the teachers prayed for him, he became better and now two house churches have been opened. Want to join in and help with Lunch Change? ($4,000/yr for 2 teachers and 30 children).
  • Personal – Pray for our family’s hearts as we leave family and friends. All three kids start school 14 Aug. Pray for a GREAT 5th grade, 3rd grade, and Pre-K school year.

August 15-21

  • Second Baby at “Crown of Beauty” Maternity Home – The second resident of the Crown of Beauty home gave birth and our partners were happily able to find a wonderful Christian couple to adopt the baby. Pray for the baby’s future salvation and for the healing of the birth mom, who was hurt by an employer in another nation before being shipped across international borders. This brave young woman refused to allow her baby to be adopted by a couple of the majority religion. Pray for continued open doors now that she has returned to her home village.
  • Clean Water Boosts Ch. Planting – Praise Jesus that this year 7 water wells have already been installed and are now providing clean and hygienic water to over 3,000 villagers. These wells also build the reputation of the local ch. planters who request the well. The villagers express their thanks. “Please say thank you to the family (10/40 donors) who supported our village community to have good water!”
  • Sister Susanna – Pray for this wonderful sister who has a heart for teaching the women of Nepal about Voice for the Voiceless. Pray for her family and for her safe travel as she journeys many difficult miles, often by foot. Pray that God will keep bringing good adoptive Christian families to Susanna so she can match them with babies on the way.
  • Personal – Pray for our family as we adjust back to living in Asia. We seem to live with a foot on each side of the world which creates blessings and challenges.

August 22-31

  • New Sewing Center to Jumpstart in South Asia – Because of the generosity of 10/40 donors through the Joy to the World catalog, we will soon start a full sewing center in a completely unreached village. Pray for God to make the path clear regarding the timing and for the sewing center to both provide skills and open hearts for the Gospel.
  • Voice for the Voiceless Trainings, Nepal – Praise God for keeping our VFV trainers safe as they continue travel during monsoon season (by bus, motorcycle, and hiking). In July, one young woman stated that she, “heard God’s voice telling her to speak up for the voiceless.” Now she is determined to do so throughout her life.
  • Need to Upgrade (and Uplift) Our Training Facility – The past two years the monsoon season has wreaked havoc on one our key ch. planting facilities. The local government raised the road 2 feet higher than expected, which resulted in all runoff water pouring into our center. Yuck! We also need to purchase two generators that cost $2,200 each. Please pray that God will provide (perhaps by you or your group!) We appreciate your help!
  • Personal – Pray for a boldness to walk where Jesus leads us and the humility to lean on him in dependence.

Reminder – If you have not read our eBook Love the Pre-Born and the Mother, you can download it here.

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