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December 1-7

  • John Allen Chau – Pray for the family of this young missionary who was killed in November by the North Sentinelese islanders. Pray for John’s family and for others involved in his life and ministry. Many viewpoints arise regarding his preparation and methods. Read this article to see a balanced approach to some of the complexities.
  • North Sentinelese People – Now that John has spilled his blood for these people (Jesus did also!) let us rise up and intercede for this specific people group with ZERO access to the Gospel. They remain without the hope of Christ. Some historical background of the North Sentinelese.
  • Upcoming School in 2019 – This week we will receive the construction schedule for the school to be built in East India in 2019. The school will help educate hundreds of kids daily and increase access to many nearby people groups.
  • Mobilizing Students – On 4 Dec. we speak in chapel (Topic: Naomi, Ruth, and Christmas) and will mobilize 200 kids to pray for 25 nations in 25 days as a gift to Jesus.
  • Personal – 4 Dec. is also “Joy Sees Jesus” day, when we remember our daughter Joy who died by miscarriage. Pray that during December, our hearts would be reignited with passion and allegiance to the Baby who is King.

December 8-14

  • Voice for the Voiceless in Two States – Praise God with us for the 6 trainings that will take place this month in two news states of India. Pray for the hundreds of families that will be impacted.
  • Free Kindle Download of Engaged in Love and War – On 8-10 Dec. our publisher is offering free downloads of our book released in 2017. Click here to get your copy, and let others know!
  • Teacher Maar in Wan Village – Pray for this teacher (1 of 2) in the new school among the Wan people. Maar is looking for open doors and community acceptance to determine if his family can move to the village in early 2019. Pray for good relationships and that the “person of peace” will be made clear.
  • Bible Drill and Pray for Nations – On 12 Dec. we host 20-30 kids in our home for Bible Drill and prayer for the least reached. May their prayers be powerful and effective! They will do a practice drill for parents as the semester ends.
  • Personal – L’s mom and sister arrive on 8 Dec. for Christmas! Everyone is thrilled! Pray for a special time together and also protection over L’s dad as he can’t come.

December 15-21

  • Baby Passed Away in November – Pray for the young mother at our Crown of Beauty home in Nepal whose baby passed away at 2 days old in mid-November. The baby’s body was very weak at birth, and the hospital tried many ways to save him. Pray also for the resilience and hope of the Crown of Beauty staff who are so saddened by this baby’s death.
  • 10/40 Board Meeting and Members – On 16 Dec. pray that our board will continue working in unity to see and fulfill 10/40’s place in God’s great mission. Pray for many personal concerns for our individual board members.
  • Thanks for Sweet Water! – We just received reports from very happy villagers who want to give thanks to those who helped install new bore wells in their communities. “The water no longer tastes like iron (run off from nearby factories). It is sweet!” Praise God with us for the increased reputation of the church planters who initiate this process.
  • Joy to the World Catalog – Honor your loved ones with gifts that impact the least reached. Let your Christmas giving make an eternal impact. Check out our online catalog (we can also ship catalogs to your church/class.)
  • Personal – Please continue to pray for our health. Phoebe’s hearing aids will be increased to 90% in Bangkok this month; we are still trying to figure out Joeli’s issues; pray a covering over Eden’s lungs as burning season begins which impacts his asthma.

December 22-30

  • Candy Canes and Creative Christmas Plans – Pray for the hundreds of people who will receive candy canes here in Thailand with a Gospel message attached. Pray for numerous key outreaches and parties that Christians in the 10/40 Window will host as they introduce their neighbors to Jesus.
  • Sister Prithi’s Request – As a teacher at one of 10/40’s 23 Indian slum schools Sister Prithi requests serious prayer for her husband who is addicted to alcohol which causes many family problems. Pray for his salvation and for his release from addiction.
  • Seminary on Wheels Is Adding Teachers in Pak. – Praise God with us that the requests for more classes keeps coming. Praise God for another husband/wife team who desire to go out and equip others. Pray for their boldness! They will receive one of 10/40’s motorcycles when they start in Jan. 2019.
  • $50,000 Matching Grant! – Praise God for this strong push to finish out 2018! Pray that God will continue to pour out his generous gifts so that babies can be saved, families strengthened, churches planted, and people groups reached with the Good News!
  • Personal – At the year’s end our family chooses “key words” for the coming year. Pray that each of us will recognize the word God is calling us to for 2019. It’s always amazing how the words coincide with one another.

Reminder – If you have not read our eBook Love the Pre-Born and the Mother, you can download it here.

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