The United States Postal Service still cannot find our appeal letter that we mailed…

We have been in contact multiple times with the USPS regarding our appeal letter and have been told by upper management that they are sill going through the the international distribution facility in Chicago to find it but aren’t naming it lost yet. The tracking still shows that it has been in that warehouse since July 10th…

However, by God’s hands, this letter has appeared to reach Dublin!!! We just received an email Friday from the Pre-clearance office that stated:

Dear Evan,
I am emailing you in relation to your Pre-clearance appeal.
Can you please forward an up-to-date six-month bank statement in respect of your sponsor. This information can be forwarded to

Kind Regards,
Preclearance Unit

This email continues to show the difficulty in getting a visa approved to move to Ireland as they found something else they need from us. They will deny our request if we do not have proof that we won’t need any public funding once we live there. Our financial support through ABWE (which we are so thankful for) will be sent to Cavan Baptist Church, and then they will pay us.

So, we have just received the bank statements from Cavan Baptist and will be emailing them to the Pre-clearance office in hopes that they won’t need anything else! We ask for prayer that this will be reviewed quickly and our visa will be approved. This has been quite the experience, but we know God has a plan. We can clearly see Him working as the appeal letter we mailed off seemed to be lost by human hands but delivered by God’s hands.

“Be glad for all God is planning for you. Be patient in trouble and always be prayerful.” Romans 12: 12

Along with this news, more things have been happening in our life here in Strawn, IL. Last Sunday Rachel and I celebrated our 12th year wedding anniversary. We spent the morning at the First Baptist Church in Fairbury praising God and then visited my parents in the afternoon. While I was watching opening day of the NFL, Rachel spent time helping Grandma and Pappy move the cattle (I do feel kind of guilty about that, but it wasn’t as difficult as it may sound). We then went home and as I was getting the charcoal started to grill our marinated steaks, Rachel mentioned that she thought #4 was possibly coming. My guess is the ride on my Dad’s gator helped initiate the downward spiral. I quickly got into hyper mode, as most fathers do (I think…) and we were able to get packed and drop our kids off at Rachel’s brothers just down the road. We arrived at the hospital at 5:10 and at 6:04, Raya Jane Bachtold was born!!! We are so thankful this little blessing has come and is another addition to our chaos 🙂

Bachtold Briefing
A Raya Sunshine!
Raya Jane Bachtold
Born Septermber 13th
6lb 9oz and 19″ long

I kinda wanted a baby brother, but I guess she will do – Ean

This momma thing isn’t so difficult – Rylee

This new baby doll makes real noises! – Ela

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Praise: Raya Jane is a beautiful blessing to our family. We are thankful she is healthy and has been a good baby.

God delivered our appeal letter on His time and one more step has been completed.

Prayer Request: The Irish Pre-clearance office will approve our appeal letter as we are only allowed one chance once being denied.

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