Malta Mondays 15
April 15, 2019

Happy Resurrection Sunday! 😃 He’s Alive!

1.) We are seeing the news that Notre Dame is on fire- so terrible. Praying that no one will be injured as they fight the fire. Thank you for lifting up all the travel last week. Earl and friends did arrive back safely, Kathryn is back in Germany, and I arrived back today from Italy. We did have several folks killed in a terrible crash just a mile or so from our house this weekend so travel prayers are always appreciated. The retreat in Italy was a real blessing. It is such an encouragement to meet and get to know the new generation of godly young women who are coming to serve and hear their heart for the nations. It’s great to see how God is working in their lives and their communities! Also my friend successfully ran what is the equivalent of 3 marathons back to back all around the coast of Malta! So proud of her and all the awareness she raised for environmental issues. The boys had a busy weekend while I was away with all kinds of things from youth group to worship team to Stagecoach to hanging out with friends to abseiling off of a bridge (Thomas and Earl) to church etc. I think we’ll all try and go to bed early tonight. 😃

2.) I had a bit of a surprise last Tuesday as I got a call and was asked to represent our epilepsy association on television suddenly that evening. I could manage to do it so I said yes and actually it gave me quite a lot of opportunity to share as he asked me, “How did you make it through the difficult times?” and I was able to talk about my faith in Jesus and prayer. Also this Wednesday we are supposed to have our first meeting about trying to get rescue medications allowed in schools. Praying for favour with the school Support Services. Earl has had several folks take up the opportunity for the one on one evangelism training on Wed evening and Sunday morning and that will continue for a few more weeks to keep praying for those folks and ask that they will be equipped to share their faith.

3.) There are several meetings going on this week including an Easter party at my friends’ house for our walking group and visiting with some friends who used to be with our organization and are now with another and having a conference in Malta this week! Plus this Saturday we have an Easter picnic and egg hunt where we also tell the Easter story from the Bible. Pray that the weather will be good so that there will be a lot of people out at the park as many times they join in and here the story etc too. A friend of mine came over and helped me paint and color rocks to hide as we ran into a problem last year. The sun VERY quickly melted the chocolate before it could be found and it was drizzling all over the place. 😃 They’ll be able to trade the rocks in for chocolate that we’ll keep in the shade. Also on Easter Sunday we are having some friends over and we are supposed to have a small choir although at the moment it is VERY small- as in myself and Nathan- so I’ve got some recruiting to do… 😃 Thank you for praying most of all that God is glorified in our lives- the everyday ordinary bits and the outreaches and meetings! Finally please pray for folks who are here to see the Good Friday processions and visit churches etc. Ask that the true Biblical story of the resurrection will impact them and that they will hear Truth and not just see it as tradition or culture.

Kids Korner: This week Thomas gets out of school on Wednesday until the 29th, then he goes on the 30th and is out for the public holiday on 1st May and a teacher’s training on 2nd May so he’s sitting pretty as far as school goes. Lots of study time! 😃 He is receiving three prizes we’re going to scoot over to the ceremony after Earl leads a talk at Nathan’s school on “Good Goodbyes.” Nathan really enjoyed singing on the worship team this Sunday and he and Thomas are still enjoying football (soccer) too as well as participating in a fun run this Saturday morning. We are looking forward to some family time over Easter break…. Well, minus Kathryn… We hope to talk to her tonight or tomorrow to hear about how her choir trip went. We are hamster-sitting currently and will also have a friend’s bunny rabbit over Easter week too.

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