Malta Mondays 38
September 21, 2020


1.) Happy Independence Day from Malta! Today in 1964, Malta officially gained its independence from Britain. It is celebrated with a public holiday here so Nathan is enjoying no school today. :-D. I met with the word “zeal” several times this week. Zeal is enthusiasm, energy, ardent fervor in pursuit of something. Romans 12:11 says, “Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord…” I pray that in areas where I am being slothful in zeal that the Lord will renew my energy and help me to pursue Him wholeheartedly, and not anything else.

2.) The photo at the top is of our “socially distant” church service with people wearing masks. We are allowed up to 30 people at one time so we are having to have people book spaces. Otherwise people are viewing the livestream online. We had a record number of cases and six deaths of elderly people this week due to Covid. I realize that this not a situation unique to just us in Malta, so let’s pray for all the countries and churches around the globe as we adjust to this new season of ministry and follow God’s leading. You prayed for our Australian friends as they departed Malta last week. Long story short, they are back in Malta until next Sunday when they will hopefully be allowed on the flight to Australia. It was extremely frustrating and expensive to arrive in London and be told that their flights had been cancelled ten days previous and they were not notified. Pray for peace and provision and safety as they hopefully travel back next weekend. We had numerous calls and meetings this past week and there are many things shifting and changing but I am so thankful God is constant and faithful and He never fails!

3.) Tonight I will be speaking with some folks who are possibly going to do a webinar for us in Malta about anxiety and dealing with stress. Pray for us as this is a new venture and we want to follow God’s leading. I had some “divine appointments” with several friends and neighbors this week and Earl did too. Particularly lift up a young man who prayed to receive Christ about ten years ago, then fell back into addiction to drugs. He has reached out to Earl again and Earl challenged him to really pray this week about whether he truly followed Christ and is His or not. Pray for this young man. Scott and Denise have seen several new people attending the Relational English group that meets online. Do keep praying for progress on Denise’s residency card- STILL not out yet. Please continue to remember Dirk and his family too as he is in hospital. Earl has one more week of his seminary class so he’s working hard on that today. The village of the week is Gudja, one of the oldest villages in Malta, with ruins dating back to prehistoric times. Its motto is “Mother of many children” referring to the five villages that were “born” from its territory. Pray that the people of Gudja would “look to You and be saved…for You are God and there is no other.” Isaiah 45:22. Ask that believers in Gudja would share their faith and help other villages come to know Christ too.

Kids Korner: As I mentioned, Nathan is home from school today and we actually just had some friends drop by for a bit and now he’s enjoying some down time. We did talk with Thomas briefly this week and he seems to be settling in and doing well. Kathryn had two improv shows with Blank Slate and we got up at 3 am one morning and watched it being streamed live although I did not make it to the second performance. She is also well so we are grateful.

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