Malta Mondays 41
October 15, 2018

Divine Appointments

1.) Sometimes there are just moments when you see God’s timing and how He places you in certain places at certain times to be a blessing or to be blessed. This week there have been several moments like that. “Chance” meetings that lead to spiritual conversations, opportunities that are just God-arranged to share with others. Earl has begun a series on being a Romans 12 Christian at church for the next few months and we are working on trying to get some framework in place that will help everyone to do the part that God has for them in the Body of Christ. Please do keep praying for our church as we desire to be an authentic community and light in Malta.

2.) One of our meet ups was with a family who has just gone through a very difficult loss of a baby born with an unexpected health problem that only lived a few days. Lift them up as they mourn. Another couple we’ve been reaching out to has been very open and both he and Earl and myself and the wife have had spiritual conversations this week. Then I attended a two day seminar and became an accredited volunteer for the charity Epilepsy Action in the UK. During that seminar we had the opportunity to present a five minute presentation on any topic we chose so I chose to share about my faith and how God brought me to Malta. We know the Bible says we will reap what we sow, so please join me in praying that these words from the Word will find fertile soil and that many will have their eyes and ears opened to the Truth.

3.) This week’s activities include Bible Studies, a final workshop for the Mosaic Project grant, a school committee meeting, a church meal, a baby shower, and a worship team meeting. We’re also excited to have some of our great friends from Malta/ USA coming to visit Malta for a few weeks. It will be terrific to see them too! Again we pray for His grace and truth to be sprinkled into all of life’s activities and moments.

Kids Korner: It is a bit hard to believe that Thomas is 15 already. Time really does fly by sometimes. He and Nathan really enjoyed the youth lock in and then we took him to a restaurant for sushi/ Thai food after church on his birthday. Nathan had a small seizure on Sunday morning and then today they called from his school and he ended up eventually coming home with his limbs, mainly arms shaking. These are likely stress seizures, not epileptic seizures but we have an appointment with his neurologist next week so we’ll see. Kathryn had a wonderful school trip to Italy and has been off to Stuttgart for a cross country meet this weekend.

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