Malta Mondays 49
December 10, 2018


1.) I have to say that this week I’ve felt so loved as Earl and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary and God just reminded us of His love and blessing! Earl flew to Rome this morning to attend a meeting of the Italy/ Malta leaders. He’ll be back on Thursday. Pray for them as they meet and encourage one another and make plans for the new year. And of course while he’s away we appreciate your prayers too!

2.) It’s really starting to feel more like Christmas as the decorations are out and we had our children’s Sunday School class Christmas song this week. Next week they are doing hand bells and the next week we have a youth drama and a choir song and that just makes it seem like Christmas to me! That and I made wassail (hot fruit drink) like my mom used to make- yummy! This week I am hosting a Christmas party for my walking group. We so enjoyed having Mike and Colleen and their two friends around some! They are family! Lift them up as they are traveling back to the USA right now. Thank you for praying for the conference. One of the participants had a medical emergency and is still here in the hospital. Would you pray for his family as they come join him and that he will be able to fully recover? Earl went down several days and I was able to go twice too. What a blessing to meet faithful believers living out their faith in difficult circumstances! One of the ladies was a volunteer in Malta in summer of 2000 so it was terrific to be re-connected with her and see how she is following the life path God has for her! His path is where fullness of joy is found!! Psalm 16:11

3.) We spent several hours volunteering at the Parent Support Group at Nathan’s school and raised money to buy some things for the school. It was also an excellent way to get to know the other parents. There are some doors opening with the school’s parents for the new year – pray that we’ll discern the most fruitful way forward. Our Bible Study the past two weeks has been so small that it’s been more like share and care time, but it’s still been good. Pray for us as we work as a church to see everyone telling, growing, and serving in 2019. The men have a prayer breakfast this coming Saturday and Thomas has his Stagecoach performance (acting/singing/dancing group). This coming Sunday we have a Potluck after church and then we’ll be dividing up the donated food goods and delivering them plus there are all the normal church services too. Appreciate your prayers for several friends with really challenging life situations and for wisdom to know how to best help. Have an excellent week friends!

Kids Korner: Thomas is at work this week! He received the job placement he requested in various museums around the island. Today he learned about conservation of the various paintings and artworks. He is also in his school’s talent show on the 18th doing some of his card tricks. He had excellent reviews at Parent’s Night at school. Nathan had one more episode of seizures but otherwise had a great week. At the last minute (literally the day before!) one of his classmates had stage fright so bad that he quit the play and Nathan stepped in and took his place. He had the lines on a newspaper in his hand but still did a FABULOUS job in this mom’s opinion. 😃 And Kathryn took the ACT Saturday and is winding up school assignments before COMING HOME this next Saturday so we’re really looking forward to having her back with us. Pray for her travel safety! Thanks!

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