Malta Mondays 6
February 11, 2019

Today is Int’l Epilepsy Day! And Happy Valentine’s Day a bit early!

Wow- thank you so much to all of you for the prayers and birthday wishes for myself and Kathryn! It’s such an encouragement to feel all the love and support coming our way! As I mentioned above, today is International Epilepsy Day and this past week we had many activities related to that with our Caritas Malta Epilepsy Association. We have been working on and completed an updated “Toolkit” in English and Maltese (photo above was presenting it at the CRPD- Commission for the Rights of People with Disabilities) and we did a television program, plus another committee member has a newspaper article coming out Sunday. And next Wednesday we are meeting the President of Malta for an official launch of our toolkit with her. We hope the Maltese version will be printed by then. You can view the TV show at (Episode 19). It is obviously in Maltese and you can sure hear my accent… sheesh. Nothing like a video to keep you humble. 😃 I did go over to Gozo to help my friend again and we did talk about spiritual things. One of them is more interested than the other. I’ll just keep being salt and light and praying. The church meal was fabulous as usual… we are so blessed by the Grixti family! The church services went well too and we had an excellent final session on Romans 12 with 18 people attending. This next Sunday evening we are hosting an Int’l Brunch and bringing food and inviting some of the folks who used to come and have not been lately.

Earl says thank you for praying for the follow up visits and especially asks prayer for one of the men who has stomach cancer and does not yet know Jesus. He also has three appointments with believers this week to do some discipleship and encouragement. We are planning to have a Valentine’s Day lunch together this week and I have some type of meeting every day. The women are meeting on Saturday for a “Soup-er” Women’s fellowship and the youth are meeting for a karaoke night. Please do keep the youth in prayer as there are several coming who are not believers yet and we also want to see the believers grow in their walk with Christ too.

Thursday evening we will start the old Beth Moore Bible Study “Breaking Free” for women. This is not a light study- it can be quite intense. But it is EXCELLENT. Pray for the handful of ladies who are considering committing to do it. Ask that God will use this to be a pivotal time for them in their walk with Christ. I’m going to re-do it as well. We also have Wednesday Walkers on Friday this week- we’re crazy like that. 😃 And I’ve started a six week diet/ exercise accountability program so prayers are appreciated for that too.

Kids Korner: Only two weeks away from when we travel up to Germany to see Kathryn’s play! I know she’d appreciate prayers. They had their first dress rehearsal with props/ costumes etc this Saturday. She has also raised a bit over half of the needed funds for her Spring Break trip to India so if anyone else would like to donate just let me know and I’ll send you the information. Thomas has EXAMS starting tomorrow! They’ll last these next two weeks and they are quite intense as well. We always pray that we will remember what we’ve studied. 😃 Nathan had a pretty good week at school and showed improvement on his MAP test so that’s a blessing too.

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