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Malta Mondays 19
May 7, 2018

Festivals and Fairs

1.) Spring is definitely in the air here in Malta (along with a LOT of red dust from the Sahara desert)! The flowers are blooming and the weather has just been lovely (besides the dust clouds). Tuesday was a public holiday here and we spent the day having a picnic with our Epilepsy friends and the family of the man who was just saved. My ladies Wednesday Walk took us to Buskett Gardens seen in the photo above and it was so refreshing to be out in nature a bit. We also visited a Medieval Mdina festival on Saturday and Nathan’s school fair on Sunday so we’ve been out and about quite a bit this week. Last week I requested prayers for two men who were badly injured in accidents. The Italian young man passed away, so please do lift up his family in Sicily. And keep asking for healing for the man from the UK. Thanks.

2.) This week’s activities include a birthday party of a friend, hosting the Epilepsy group at our home to complete our “Epilepsy Toolkit,” a Moms in Prayer meeting with people from the UK M in P group, regular Bible Studies, a school concert for Nathan- Maui from Moana, and our bi-monthly Epilepsy Member’s meeting/ Earl to a Men’s Fellowship. Sunday we have another birthday party in between church services. Plus we have a Skype call, a visit to a friend or two, and re-doing Thomas’ blood test.

3.) There are just some big jobs that still need doing before June hits and teams and preparing to leave for the summer. I’m having a hard time getting to the big jobs for all the small jobs that are coming up- can anyone identify with that? Anyhow, appreciate prayer that I will keep the main things the main thing and that’s my personal walk with Christ, my family, and others. I really sincerely feel blessed with all the positive opportunities. Plus knowing Jesus is such an encouragement!

Kids Korner: Please do pray that Thomas’ blood test will be normal this week when we go on Wednesday. He’s been feeling fine. Kathryn had a Grade 3 sprain so it looks like her Track aspirations are on hold for awhile and she’ll still be on crutches a bit longer. She seems to be making the most of it and doing well anyway. Nathan does have his school concert this Thursday evening and we would appreciate prayers that he does his best. The boys (and Earl and I) really enjoyed the Medieval Mdina festival- it’s such a beautiful walled city.