Now Is The Time
This was the theme of a 3 day m-conference that all the baptist fellowships in our province attended. The 141 men and women were challenged to reach their “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8)”

This is the first time a conference like this has happened. We were able to speak into the lives of several pastors, and see God revive a passion among the churches to fulfill the GC from Matt 28:18-20

The following Saturday, many pastors gathered to think about how they can make better and more intentional plans for outreach. Nathan and the director of the Baptist Hospital spoke and gave several challenges. Among the challenges given were:

  • Are we doing the BEST activities with our time, or only a lot of good activities?
  • What is your fellowship’s EV plan?
  • How often are you spending time with lost people?

Since January 1, Amber and several moms at R’s preschool have committed to read the Bible through in one year. They text daily and meet weekly to pray and discuss the reading. May the moms persevere in reading the Word and lives be changed.

Persecution Looks Like This

Our national partner Micah (2nd from L) was forced to move back home by his parents, older sister and brother-in-law. A few weeks ago when Nathan and a team went to share with people in Noro Co, they met Micah’s extended family. Nathan and another team member shared the Good News with the family and gave them a copy of the Word. Those family members later ripped up the Bible.

Then His brother-in-law found out, brought it to Micah’s parents which they threw it away Micah’s dad immediately fainted and fell ill following the incident…. This is evidence God will protect His Word

Please pray Micah’s faith will endure during this time, he will “count it joy” to suffer for the Savior’s Name, and have boldness to share the Good News with his family. – Read more here.

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