These 6 young people went with us to a one day Conference in another province to learn about God’s Heart for the Nations, what is a UUPG and how they can be involved in the work. Their travels were sponsored by your Lottie Moon dollars!

The following week, both the girls shared what they learned with their classmates and were moved to tears thinking about the lostness in the work.

Praise the Lord for how He is working in their hearts and using them to motivate others.

Celebrating Amber’s birthday sightseeing at the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

Distance from KTown: 2 hour drive

Population: 99.3% non believers of around 688,000 people. 1 small Bptst Fellowship. Pray for Nathan as he preaches at this fellowship Sunday morning and the members would be moved to proclaim the Good News.

Notable sights: Beautiful lake in the mountains with cooler weather, rafting, forests, waterfalls and leather production, see more here.

Opportunities: equip the locals on farming techniques; giving job skills and basic healthcare information. Teams can travel to the lake area to do gspl proclamation.

Pray for the Father to send laborers into his harvest field, including people to Magneta County

You were Born for This.
THIS SUMMER – College-aged students have a chance to fulfill their purpose in being born in America – see beautiful sights like this and share WHO created them and the GOOD NEWS of the same Creator who came to rescue humanity from sin – share this opportunity HERE.

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