The Island was Called Malta… (Acts 28:1)

Greetings from Malta!

Like most countries in the world we are facing the disruption that the COVID-19 is causing!

Health wise we are doing well and I hope you are as well, and keeping safe!

Here in Malta we have gone up to 293 cases of the virus but we still have no deaths, it seems that the USA is having a bad time 🙁 was just reading of the situation in New York.

We are “confined” to our home, I am almost 65 and I have high blood pressure so I am at risk. The sad part is that the children and grand children cannot visit us either, so we are an online family now!!

Church meetings have been stopped but I am busier organizing and doing church online, you can hear me preach in English if you go to our our website or Facebook page

The amazing thing is that the live broadcasts have really been a blessing and many people are watching them, two Sundays ago we had over 4,400 views. I had several people contact me, it has been so good that I do not want to stop them even when the church is open! I am researching to see what we need, to do a good job streaming services.

Obviously we have cancelled all our travel, until the end of May, that is trips to Morocco Spain, USA, Indonesia and Malaysia. Our next trip is to the USA in June to be with Charlene in Grand Rapids but it looks like this might also have to be postponed.

We try to encourage our brothers and sisters in North Africa via online means. I am currently trying to help a couple of families in Mauritania, the husbands are in prison accused with converting, in Mauritania this is punishable by death! Also their families now have no income and I am trying to raise some funds to help them and also be ready to pay their bail money! If led to help please do get in touch with me. There is also a sister in prison, they have been in prison for over a month now.

I do not want this to be a long email so I will stop here and I am going to try and include a short video greeting from us!

Looks like I cannot include the video on the email but if you want to see it you can find it at this LINK.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

If you have any questions or want to know more, please, do not hesitate to write or call!

We also use WhatsApp or iMessage on +35699669966
From the USA you can also call or text on +1 616 414 1717
It would be great to hear from you knowing that you are doing well!

Blessing… Edwin & Sylvia

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“Thank you and God bless you

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