Greetings from the island of Malta!

Thank you for your prayers!

This week our 6th grandchild was born to my son, Matthew and his wife Kari, they called him Elijah. Now we have 4 grand daughters and two grandsons! They are such a joy, and I am sure that you grandparents out there agree with us on this. I will not bore you with details but please continue to pray for our youngest daughter Sarah.

We are having the Ethne Global Gathering, a gathering of church planters from all over the world that happens every three years. This is the 5th one I am organizing and this time it is in Malta! This starts on the 3rd December, we still have about 50 participants waiting for a visa and some of them are speakers! Please pray!

KNISJA EVANGELIKA BATTISTA (Evangelical Baptist Church)
Pray for our church in Malta, we are doing very well and almost every Sunday we have a full house. Some of you know that a few months ago we lost the young pastor who was going to take the pastorate of the church. We do need a younger pastor to take over from me! Another item of prayer is the plot of land that we have, I have tried so hard to get a permit to build we were refused! Last week I had a meeting with the architect and he advised us to sell and try somewhere else or to change from building a church to build “offices” that we would use a church. Pray with us as we will need to deicide whether to reapplying or sell and apply fresh at another place! Second option very difficult!

The situation in Libya, the country close to my heart, is still very difficult! The pastor of 20 year at the Union Church, mainly sub-Saharan Africans, retired and there is a new pastor, pray for him. Also a lot of the members do not have jobs so the church is financially in need! I have been involved in this country for 23 years! I am helping organizing a Network meeting for Libya. We usually have 80 to 100 participants. Pray for the logistics.

Pray with me as I plan my upcoming trips in the other counties of North Africa, Mauritania being the tricky one!

Also I am involved in starting a partnership (like the North Africa one) for Europe. We are calling the first meeting in April in Malaga Spain. It is so “refreshing” to be involved in something that does not require a high degree of security! For more information please visit
I want churches in Europe to partner and help one another in reaching Europe, or ministries and churches from outside Europe that want to help reach Europe. Europe has really become a mission field!

Once again thank you for your prayers and support!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to write or call!

We also use WhatsApp on +35699669966

Blessing… Edwin & Sylvia

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