Even as Hurricane Florence is bearing down on my new hometown in the Carolina’s, my heart is still aching for our brothers and sisters in Kerala, trying to rebuild their homes and their lives after the most devastating flood in 100 years.

1.4 million people had to run for their lives. Many are still living in camps.

Among our network, four training centers were affected. Two of our Paul’s, who lead centers, lost everything. One of them was in wet clothes for five days before his brothers from TTI could get to him and his wife with some food, water, and fresh clothing.

Fourteen Timothy’s lost part or all of their homes. Most are left with nothing.

Can you imagine? Losing your home, furniture, appliances, and everything you’ve ever worked for… This is not a part of the world where people have homeowner’s insurance, or even savings accounts to replace what was lost. While these families are grateful to have escaped with their lives, they are mentally and emotionally overwhelmed by the prospect of starting over, with nothing.

Please pray for them.

The good news is that TTI churches in unaffected areas of South India banded together, pooling their own resources to help more than 500 families with basic food and supplies. I am so proud of our people!

They jumped into action, being the Church at a time when people need to come to know the love of Christ. Even as they helped families, they shared the Gospel and prayed with them, not missing the opportunity to share the good news.

Sharing the Gospel as they provide aid to families in crisis.

One of our church planters showed Jesus’ love by taking 15 families into her home, for 10 days. Most of the families she sheltered were Hindus, and had previously been closed off to the Gospel, but her gracious act of hospitality and generosity softened their hearts. They are now willing to listen to the good news of love and grace in Jesus.

If you feel led to help these church planters who’ve lost everything, we are joining forces with the churches in South India, inviting friends here in the US to help the believers there rebuild. To support this effort, just select “Kerala Floods Relief.”

And please, whatever you do, be persistent in your prayers for believers in Kerala and around the world.

The Kingdom of Heaven is advancing.

For His Name,