The Deadliest Day

India set a world record this week when they recorded over 4,500 coronavirus-related deaths in one day. This marks the deadliest day since the pandemic began. To date, India has reported more than 26 million COVID-19 cases.

Strict lockdowns, halted businesses, overstretched hospitals and medical facilities have turned the lives upside down for many of our TTI families.

The TTI Family is really hurting. The toll continues to rise of team members deeply affected.

16 Deaths

90+ Hospitalized

The team in Asia needs our help!

Prayer Requests:

· Pray for the families who have lost and are fighting for loved ones affected by the coronavirus

· Pray for continued opportunities for the church planters and disciple makers to share the Gospel within their communities despite lockdowns

Ways to provide COVID Relief:

The leadership team in Asia requested prayer support and financial relief.

With your help we are hoping to provide:

· Leaders who are hospitalized: Around $150 for each family to help with hospital bills

· Where a loved one passed away: Roughly $700 or more of support for the family

· Those struggling for basic medical treatment: Approximately $75 per person who needs health care assistance

Give COVID19 Relief

Calling all prayer warriors!

What’s at stake—nothing short of 5 million villages.

Recently multiple ministry partners are helping spearhead a joint effort in the body of Christ to get a church in all 5 million populated settlements in the world. This growing alliance has come to be called “The Coalition of the Willing,” or COTW.

Fifty COTW leaders are gathering June 2-4 in Orlando to begin to lay the groundwork for how each partner, ministry, and denomination can collaborate together.

Prayer Requests:

· Pray for unity and urgency for the COTW in the task ahead

· Pray for God to call leaders to spearhead country-wide church planting efforts in the top 12 least-reached countries on Earth

· Pray for leaders to work to tear down walls and share data with one another in order to further enable effective collaboration

· Pray for the estimated 3 billion people who live outside the reach of the Gospel—ask God to bring the Gospel and a church to them soon