APRIL 2021

PEOPLE: The highlight of our year–the missions conference–took place March 12-14. We could not have a special speaker come from outside of Korea because of the required 14-day quarantine but a good friend of ours happened to be in country and was able to join us. There are only about 200 people in the world who have green cards to live inside the borders of our northern neighbor. Our friend happens to be one of them. Students and staff really connected with him. Here are some memorable quotes from the weekend: “Often we look for open doors but most of the time we don’t know if a door is open until we push on it. So rather than sitting back and waiting for doors to open, we need to push to see what doors are unlocked.” “If God can send a church bus kid to NK, then He can use anybody. God takes the impossible and makes it possible.” “The best sermons have yet to be preached; the best soulwinners are yet to come; the greatest missionaries have yet to be sent out. You are the best.” “Every Christian needs to struggle with the possibility of full-time missions.” “If you’re going to fall, fall forward.”


  1. 10 people raised their hands in response to the call to pursue full-time missions. And $4891.99 was pledged in our faith promise offering. Already $3000 has come in. To learn more about why we do Faith Promise Giving, click the video below.
  2. God granted safety and smooth logistics for the Korea Christian Heritage trip.
  3. We are up to 23 signed up for this fall 🙂


  1. Please pray for Online Momentum on April 10 for planning and for the response of campers.
  2. Please pray for Campus Days April 21-24. We’ve had to limit our attendance for that but pray that it will bear much fruit in terms of enrollment.
  3. Please pray for wisdom regarding the Israel or Turkey trip in June.