28 Days of Prayer – Day 7

Your Content Goes Here We’re praying for the movement of God at Bayside today. Ask God to help our church boldly walk by faith into the future, resisting the comfort of what’s familiar and the fear of the unknown as we grow more and more healthy. Pray that we’ll see more

28 Days of Prayer – Day 6

Your Content Goes Here God is at work to grow this healthy, vibrant and Spirit-led faith in you. He is committed to seeing this become reality in your life. Ask God today what your next step of faith is in your journey of growing in Christ. And then do it! “And

28 Days of Prayer – Day 5

Your Content Goes Here Growing healthy as a believer involves being filled with joy and thanksgiving. Walking with Jesus is a faith-filled adventure as you grow each day. Spend a couple minutes today thanking God for His goodness to you, and ask Him to fill you with gratitude for all the

28 Days of Prayer – Day 4

Your Content Goes Here Trusting completely in the Lord means you believe God is working “upstream” of that moment in your life, no matter your current circumstances. Name those areas where it’s hard to trust Him, and ask Him to help you see how He’s at work right now. “Trust in

28 Days of Prayer – Day 3

Your Content Goes Here GROW HEALTH In all our ministries, we want to help people live from the inside out, resulting in a vibrant Spirit-led life and faith. For the next five days, ask God to show you how He wants to create a vibrant, Spirit-led life and faith in you.

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