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21 Days of Prayer (Students)

Welcome to 21 days of prayer!

We are starting a journey together for 21 days where we celebrate God’s faithfulness through prayer, but also where we lean in and ask God to teach us how to pray.

We believe God wants to take our prayer as individuals and as a people to another level during these 21 days. You may be new at learning how to pray and still not sure how it works or if it’s worth it. 21 Days of Prayer is for you! You may find yourself praying usually when you need something or face a difficult or pressing circumstance, or if you pray often…21 Days of prayer is a challenge you to lean in a little more, asking God to teach you how to pray at a whole new level.

When we become a people of prayer, we experience God’s power and presence. That’s true for you individually and for all of us as a faith family. And that’s what 21 days of prayer is all about. It’s not too late to jump in!

Here’s 3 ways we want to invite you to be a part of 21 Days of Prayer:

  1. 1:1:1—ask God for 1 thing to pray for during the next 21 days…then set an alarm and pray for that one thing for one minute at 1pm each day. No matter where you or what you’re doing…pause at 1pm and pray.
  2. Specific Prayer Each Day: Our focus for 21 days of prayer is the Next Generation. There is power in all of us praying together for the next generation…for babies, preschoolers, elementary age kids, middle school, high school and college students. We have some free resources to help you pray in this way.
    • For the next generation: If you’re a part of the next generation, we want to teach you how to pray God’s word over your life and for your life…and so there’s a set of cards that’s specifically designed for you. (Gray Prayer Cards).
    • For everyone else: Grab a set of cards specifically for you to use to pray God’s word over the next generation…for your kids, grandkids, kids in your family, at school, neighborhood, or on the team you coach. (White Prayer Cards).
    • Videos each day: There’s a card for each day, and there is also a video for each day’s prayer card where the Bayside staff is encouraging you and praying for you as we journey together. These videos will be released on social media and right here on our website.
  3. Fasting and Prayer: Choose one day a week during the next 21 days to fast. If you’re physically able (check with your doctor first), abstain from food for one day each week of 21 Days of Prayer. A typical fast might mean that you eat supper the night before, and don’t eat again until supper the next day. …and each time you feel hunger, remind yourself that you want God’s power and presence in your life more than you want that double bacon cheeseburger!

We want to hear from you! Tell us how God answers your prayers during 21 Days of Prayer! Send us your story here.

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