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28 Days of Prayer

Throughout 28 Days of Prayer, we will pray that the vision God is leading our church towards –to become a movement of God seeing lives changed in Chattanooga and beyond—becomes reality in each of us. There are five building blocks for this vision to become reality for Bayside, and this will be the focus of our prayer over the next 28 days.

Each day you’ll find a passage of scripture and an encouragement for how to pray that scripture over your life, for others and for our church. Use the prayer cards linked below to guide you as we pray together for the next 28 days, and let’s ask God to move in power during this season!

We want to hear from you! Tell us how God answers your prayers during 28 Days of Prayer!

If you have specific prayer needs, you can ask others to pray for you on the Prayer Wall. If you want to pray for others, you can encourage others by praying for their needs on the Prayer Wall.

Bayside’s Vision

Our vision is to become a movement of God seeing lives changed in Chattanooga and beyond.


1. Grow Health
2. Neighbor Well
3. Bring Others
4. Make It Personal
5. Pass the Baton

Grow Health

In all our ministries, we want to help people live from the inside out, resulting in a vibrant Spirit-led life and faith.

For the next five days, ask God to show you how He wants to create a vibrant, Spirit-led life and faith in you. Ask God to do the same work in our faith family, helping us to grow into greater spiritual health as a faith family.

Neighbor Well

We want to intentionally and generously care for the people in our community and beyond.

God has placed you right where you are to love and care for the people around you. For the next few days, we’ll be focusing on asking God to help not only see the needs around us, but to respond to those needs and to love others well.

Bring Others

We want to bridge the gap between people and Jesus by inviting them to church.

All it takes is a simple invite for many people to begin to experience God’s life changing power! God wants us to see the people around us differently, recognizing the opportunity we have been given to help others find Jesus. Ask God to help you see the relationships and opportunities you currently have to help others find Jesus and start by simply inviting them to join you at church.

Make It Personal

We want to be spiritual contributors rather than spiritual consumers.

God has created and gifted you to be a part of strengthening the church by serving. Ask God to reveal the ways you might be looking at attending Bayside to “get” something rather than to “give” of your time, talents and treasure to the kingdom of God.

Pass the Baton

We want to equip the next generation to pursue Jesus long after we’re gone.

Passing the baton of a vibrant, Spirit-led faith to those who come after us is one of the most significant ways your life can have a lasting impact. Not only does the next generation (kids and students) long for spiritual investment in their lives, our church has to continually raise up a new generation of leadership from within! Ask God to show you how to equip those who come after you to follow Jesus wholeheartedly and help lead our church into the future.


Our vision is to become a movement of God seeing lives changed in Chattanooga and beyond.

What a journey so far! Today is the last day of 28 Days of Prayer, and today we’ll again ask God to lead us to see even more lives changed in our city and beyond. God wants to move in and through us as we embrace these five building blocks and allow Him to move in each of us. God can do more than we could ever ask of dream of according to his power at work in us. Let’s ask Him to move in power, and that the kingdom of God would grow because of Bayside!

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